Single Jameela Jamil Chats Fashion, Music and Men

T4 presenter Jameela Jamil isn’t just a pretty face and when she’s not lighting up the TV screens, you can find her behind the DJ decks.

She’s so successful that it may only be a matter of time before she gets in the music charts. What would happen then? Would she have to interview herself?

The only minor setback is she exclusively revealed she is such a perfectionist about everything she is single and searching for a boyfriend.

After DJ-ing at a celebrity party to mark the 10th anniversary of Myla lingerie, Jameela confessed: “I got lots of lovely Myla lingerie and I have nobody to wear it for. I would like a boyfriend but I’m not going to settle.”

Compromise it not an issue in Jameela’s life at all as when she isn’t on the TV, she has a column in Company magazine and is making a name for herself in the traditionally male dominated world of DJ-ing. You can wear a dress and DJ at the same time!

We’ve seen her popping up at more and more events in London including a watch brand’s launch party in South London and club nights at the Proud Gallery in London’s Camden.

And it’s been evident she’s hanging out with record label owner and Jade Jagger’s husband Dan Walliams, who could set her on the right path to chart takeover…or at least get her work at his club nights in London or Ibiza.

It’s no wonder she doesn’t have time to date, but if she did then she would make a man very happy as the pretty former primary school teacher oozes femininity and a girly style.

She says she hates masculine tailoring because she has boobs and a bum and would rather wear romantic colours and fabrics and show off that she is a girl and proud of it.

Down-to-earth Jameela says you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. Copy her style with a Motel gold beaded dress for just £40

The Love Label sequin bandage dress is also fabulously feminine and just £49

Or add some sparkle to your life with the French Connection heavily beaded dress

The one good thing about being single is Jameela has nobody to share wardrobe space with!

18th November 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin