Stuck for Secret Santa gift ideas?

Are you running a secret Santa in the office this year? If so, you’re probably wondering what on earth you can pick up for your selection that fits under the typical £5 limit. Well never fear, because Very is here to help!

The Secret Santa is a concept that is hugely popular in workplaces, providing a great way for people to really get to know their colleagues and to bring some festive positivity to the office.

Of course, buying a present is a much harder task than you might think. Do you just buy any random gift and have people think that you just called to the supermarket at the last minute? Do you buy something for a joke and risk having it taken the wrong way? Or do you buy something that has been well thought out, even if you’re buying for somebody you hardly know? Well, here at Very, we think that we have something simple, humorous and considered, without causing some pre-Christmas embarrassment!

We’ve thought of the sort of people that you tend to find in most offices and, straight away, we thought of the accountant. Often someone you might avoid, generally because accountants don’t have the most exciting of reputations, but somebody who you want to keep on your side, mainly because they make sure that you get paid! So, we’ve picked out this “I Love Spreadsheets” Mug.

Accountants love numbers, punching them into spreadsheets and charts and some of them enjoy tea or coffee, so this could be the perfect little gift. It’ll only set you back a fiver, it shows that you’ve thought about it and it’s a big tongue in cheek – perfect! This mug also comes in a presentation box, making it easy to wrap and hide under the office tree. There’s also an “I love Computers” number if you’re buying for someone in the IT Department.

Is there a colleague of yours that loves his car and loves The Simpsons? There is? Excellent! (points fingers in Mr Burns style).

With the winter closing in, the last thing that you want to do is scrape the car first thing in the morning, which makes this Simpson’s ‘Mr Plow’ car screen protector a great little gift. Simply by putting the protector over your windscreen at night, you will walk out to a ice-free windscreen in the morning. If your budget stretches a little further than £5, why not add this Simpson’s car air freshener kit to complete the set?

Finally, every office has somebody with a sweet tooth and if you have pulled that person’s name out of the hat, then this Thorntons Assorted Special Toffee box should fit the bill perfectly.

With Fruit & Nut, Brazil Nut & Treacle Toffee, this 625g box boasts Thornton’s quality and something for everyone!

So there you have it; just a few ideas to help you find the perfect Secret Santa present this December. If you’re still struggling, try our Christmas gift selector to find even more inspiration!

25th November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren