TV & Movie Ideas For A Very Wet Weekend

It’s official: the summer outstayed its welcome. Now that the wintry weather is closing in fast to make up for lost time, this weekend seems like the perfect opportunity to close the curtains, crank up the central heating and kick back with a selection of the latest TV and movie titles from

If there’s one man who can brave the elements, it’s Jack Bauer. Now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, make sure to catch the eighth and final season of hit US series 24. Eighteen months on from the shocking events of series seven, our constantly sleep-deprived hero is rocked by assassination attempts and terrorist plots during peace talks between the USA and the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. It’s sure to be the best series yet, and one that will send the legendary Jack Bauer off with a (hopefully not literal) bang.

Those of a geekier nature will be sure to enjoy the Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Collection box set, which comprises films seven (Generations) to ten (Nemesis). Picking up from where the William Shatner era left off, these films are sure to thrill any Trekkie, as Patrick Stewart leads his TNG crew through encounters with mad scientists, Borg simulants and Romulan despots in a unique mix of human drama and explosive action as only The Next Generation can provide. For an even more action-packed thrill ride (that is, if your TV is compatible), make sure to splash out on the Blu-Ray edition. Resistance is futile.

Those of a fairer disposition will be sure to enjoy the complete Desperate Housewives experience. With thirty-six discs spanning seasons one to six, don’t miss a single second of the drama on Wisteria Lane. From cheating husbands to murder mysteries, it’s easy to see why this US comedy-drama dominates the proceedings come awards season.

With all this entertainment and more on offer at, there’s no reason not to make a date with your remote control this weekend. Enjoy the show!

9th November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren