X Factor – Live in the Audience!

For week five of the X Factor’s live shows I was lucky enough (and the envy of all my friends!) to have tickets to see it live in the audience. And what an experience it was!

Living in West Yorkshire it meant we had a three hour trip down, followed by a 2 hour wait in the queue in the freezing cold – but it was worth it!

We got to our seats not long before the show began. The first thing I noticed was the studio and stage seemed a lot smaller in real life than on the TV, we were sat near the back and we still felt close to the stage and all the action.

A man was there to tell us what to do, and what not to do, when to clap and cheer, when to stand up and sit down – but soon we were into the live show and on our feet screaming.

The judges walked on and Dannii and Cheryl looked stunning, Simon and Louis looked just like they do on the TV! It was fantastic to see them all in real life. All the judges were friendly and made the effort to interact with the crowd whilst not live on TV, some people were even lucky enough to have a hug and a kiss with Simon and Cheryl. Dermot O’Leary was funny and charming often walking through the audience and shaking peoples hands. It was just a shame we weren’t allowed to take any photos!

Watching the contestants live reminded me that they were real normal people, whilst everyone at home was watching the contestants VT before they sang their song, we got to see them getting ready on stage – most of the time just standing there full of nerves, poor things.

The atmosphere in the studio was electric, everyone screaming and cheering for their favourite acts, the noise of the crowd in the studio is much louder than you hear at home.

Everyone quickly got into the spirit of the pantomime of the show, booing at the judges when they weren’t so nice to the contestants, we all easily got carried away with the whole thing!

The show seemed to be over so quickly, being live meant it only lasted a tiny bit longer than you see on TV, but we got to stay in the audience whilst the Xtra Factor was filmed. Konnie spoke to the contestants on stage, then the judges moved to the studio and we got to see them on the big screens answering questions from callers at home.

 Unfortunately the evening couldn’t last forever, and it was soon time to take the long journey back home – but what an experience being live at X Factor was, and imagine my surprise when I watched it back to see myself in the audience! I just hope I get to go back next year…

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10th November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: tartarsue 8 December 2010

I’ve got tickets for this Saturdays’s final. Have never been before, I too would like to know what time do you need to be in the queue. Also, what is the chances of getting in? Does anybody have an idea. Cheers

Posted by: steph 18 November 2010

Hi there what time did u arrive at the studios? And did everyone who was there get in? Im going this weekend and not sure what to do lol! x

Posted by: sheria clarke 11 November 2010

i was looking on how to get tickets for the show but founed it not very helpfull can you please advise how i can get the tickets please manythanks