X Factor Live Show Week 4 – The Results

The judges arrived with the girls looking decidedly glam and not a witch’s hat in sight – Dannii looked a delight in red whilst Cheryl opted for a monochrome number.

Act one

The show opened with Mary and expectation was great – the pressure was on to perform a more modern song after Simon’s criticism last week. The red devil horns she was wearing were quite distracting and she started off rather shaky but then picked up the tempo of Could It Be Magic by Barry Manilow. The audience shouted for more and Simon loved her, even calling her a horny little devil – easy Simon!!

Act two

Next Aiden tackled Michael Jacksons iconic Thriller – it was an intense performance yet the reactions were mixed and I’m not so sure the judges gave him enough credit. Yes he is intense but that’s him isn’t it? Dannii jumped in though and boosted him back up.

Act three

Belle Amie arrived popping out of coffins whilst a few semi naked men on stage provided a bit of a distraction – wearing white dresses and big beehives you could be mistaken and think that Amy Winehouse fans have got loose on the stage but it was Halloween so all’s forgiven. Dannii commented that the girl’s vocals weren’t as good as they could be when they sang Venus by Bananarama whilst Simon got defensive – well there’s a surprise!

Act four

Rebecca looked beautiful in red velvet and black lace as she delivered a hugely powerful rendition of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Louis gave high praise and Dannii said her voice was even stronger if that’s at all possible! Simon called her performance utter class and compared her to Leona Lewis while Cheryl got tongue tied as if she was in the presence of a superstar – and with that performance she may well soon be!

Act five

Treyc luckily escaped the judge’s vote last week and arrived on stage in a red hooded dress – I have to say she looked amazing! Singing Relight My Fire by Take That she put on a great vocal display but Simon pointed the finger at Cheryl  saying she needs to give Treyc the same amount of attention as the other girls – what do you think?

Act six

Getting smarter every week – the hat seems to have disappeared – Dannii gave Matt a hard song choice of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and I have to say it was wasn’t his best performance so far but he gave it his best shot and I applaud him for that.

Act seven

Wagner bounded on stage with The Omen theme track Oh Fortuna and I have to admit I was scared. He then broke out into the Meatloaf classic Bat out of Hell – I did lose him halfway through but it’s Wagner so its to be expected.  As usual the panel were lost for words but Simon put it to him blunt when he stated “what on earth was that!” but he still loves him though.

Act eight

We welcomed Paije next and he looked rather dapper – he put on a brilliant performance with Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and I felt he shone, Simon said he loved that he’s turned into a bit of a  diva!

Act nine

Katie arrived on stage looking like Dame Edna lost in Narnia! The silver sparkly dress isn’t bad though so she’s forgiven. Singing Bewitched by Steve Lawerence she put a smile on Louis’s face; Simon welcomed her sense of fun – though Danni commented that the makeup did distract her slightly. Katie’s response – it’s Halloween!

Act ten

One Direction sang a brilliant rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s Total eclipse of the Heart – they really gelled well tonight so Simon looked like the cat that got the cream – nice one boys!

Act eleven

Cheryl had promised that we would see a different Cher so I for one was wondering if she would she deliver. She delivered and more – pushing herself up as a serious contender. Cher I salute you, Stay by Shakespeare’s Sister is not an easy song to deliver but you did. Simon said her performance was the performance of the season! Praise at its highest.


After last week’s show we know that no one is safe from the public vote so the contestants were understandably nervous.

Treyc was saved at the last minute leaving Belle Amie and Katie to fight it out on stage.

The judges failed to reach a decision so it went to the public vote and Belle Amie were out.

I can’t wait for my X Factor fix next week –  if you fell in love with one of the judges dresses why not look through our collection and pick out your own copycat look at a fraction of the cost.

1st November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: jay 14 November 2010

Ithink one Direction and Mary are the best in the show this is two nile in one Direction i love your hair but i was talking at school and we went to the computer and my mate sent me a picture and you wre there and you had a costa drink a strabery milkshake and a browny greeny littel bag with some food cut down on food and iam going to get your hair done to mine

Posted by: Hannah 8 November 2010

I’m literally about to die if i don’t find out where I can buy treyc’s red hooded dress from!! Mayb die is a bit drastic, but i am indeed very desperate to have it in my wardrobe.
Does anyoneee have anyyy idea!?!?!??!

thank you so much for any help!