Alexandra Burke Is Radiant In Red

Alexandra Burke channeled her inner Santa Claus as she performed at a Clic Seargant Charity Ball at the weekend.

And how sexy does she look in a tight red bandeau dress? No doubt a few Bad Boys would have been reduced to quivering wrecks seeing the singer looking so scorching hot.

It looks set to be a good Christmas for Alex as Very can reveal the X Factor 2008 winner has made amends with her mother Melissa Bell.

After the charity performance the mother and daughter had supper at exclusive sushi restaurant Nobu and came out smiling.

It marks a good end to a traumatic year, with the Hallelujah singer not speaking to her mother after Melissa gave unapproved interviews to newspapers.

And it’s come at the perfect time as the singer’s going to have a busy start to 2011.

Her All Night Long UK tour kicks off in Dublin on 17 January, she stars in Nintendo adverts and it’s just been announced she’ll have her own clothing line with JLS.

The garments will be made by 2KX, whom Alexandra and JLS worked with to make a charity t-shirt for Help a London Child.

At the time 2KX were so impressed they wanted to do a proper range. Alexandra always looks fierce and fabulous so we wait with excitement to see what they’ll come up with. If Alex’s stage outfits are anything to go by, we expect shorts, leather, party dresses and super high heel shoes.

In the meantime, get a red dress from Very like the Love Label one shoulder dress – satin, tight and fabulously festive

The Teatro satin frill pencil dress has a more ladylike length but it still shines in the light and the gorgeous red colour is guaranteed to impress

Or go for a statement shape as well as colour with the Religion drape dress

In a dress like one of these, you’ll be wanting to stay out late like Alexandra and show it off All Night Long!

13th December 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin