Beat the Chill with

As temperatures continue to drop in England to a frightening degree the only thing on my mind at the moment is keeping warm. Thankfully I have the benefit of central heating which is one thing I never skimp on with my children -warmth is a necessity for me not a luxury.

After two recent deaths on the news due to the horrific weather I can’t help being concerned about those older people who maybe aren’t as fortunate as I am in been able to keep the house fully heated throughout this cold spell.  If you do know anyone who may need a little extra help this winter then I have picked out a few items that may benefit those in need to fight the chill.


An essential in keeping the temperature up, a plug in heater is great for providing instant heat and as it’s portable it can be placed where you need.

My mother-in-law bought one of these flat heaters last year for the kitchen, stylish and functional-It makes a great gift for those who feel style is an important feature in the home.

Electric Blankets

Whilst these used to have a bad press thankfully it’s all a thing of the past with new safety features. These make icy old sheets a thing of the past and make bed a warm and inviting place.


Don’t skimp this year-keep feet snug all day in these stylish ultra warmers by Just Sheepskin – guaranteed to make icy toes a thing of the past. Good quality also ensures that these soles are going to provide extra grip so no sliding across the kitchen floors!

Dressing Gowns

Go for snuggle up long length fleece-great for popping on during the day to combat the chill. Sorbet has great 3 for 2 offers on at the moment so why not invest in a few for your family.

Thermal curtain liners

Great for trapping the heat in your room so you don’t waste as much electric on heating. These ones offer blackout protection too so can be kept up for summer.

Thermal Underwear

Don’t fear – these are now as stylish as they are functional, pop on under jeans and knits for added warmth when out or use as lounge wear at night. My other half has been after a mans set of these for ages so these are top of my shopping list at the moment and I will be investing in a pair myself!

It’s important that we all take extra care this winter so please don’t be afraid of knocking on your neighbours doors or phoning your family for help or indeed offering support yourselves.

9th December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren