Don’t miss the Christmas TV this winter!

The Christmas week is upon us and that means just one thing – Christmas films! Whilst we all look forward to the festive wind-down at work, the prospect of the annual showing of Wizard of Oz, the Santa Clause and of course, the Queen (you’ve got both the film and the speech to enjoy this year).

Of course, with this also being the week when most of us like to get out and enjoy ourselves, keeping up to date with the best of the Christmas television can be tough work. Never fear however because Very has the answer. And, if you hurry, you could have everything that you need in time for Christmas Day!

DVD recorders have become increasingly advanced in the last few years, with systems now packing in some great features, including hard disk recorders, PVR functions, freeview tuners and other nifty gadgets that can help you to take full advantage of your festive viewing.

For example, let’s take a look at the Samsung SH893M/XEU Freeview DVD Recorder with 160GB hard drive.

This clever piece of kit is designed to simplify your viewing, giving you the option to watch and record Freeview TV onto DVD or a 160GB hard disk drive.

This unit is designed purely to make things simple. Instead of having separate DVD players, recorders and a freeview box (with the respective remote controls falling behind the sofa), the Samsung brings all of those things into one easy-to-use unit.

The integrated Freeview tuner includes a full-week electronic programme guide and access to a huge range of TV and radio channels without subscription fees – simply decide what you want to catch in the week, then record it all on the hard drive – which will store up to 260 hours of footage.  You can also pause or rewind live TV, so you don’t have to miss the action when the door bell or phone bell rings.

If you don’t need the benefit of a hard drive, instead to have your programmes recorded straight to disc, take a look at this Toshiba Freeview DVD Recorder DR20KB.

The integrated Freeview tuner includes an electronic programme guide that lets you decide what you want to catch in the week, then record it all on DVD to watch at your convenience.

The Toshiba DR20KB also gets the best out of your DVDs with its HDMI connection that up-scales standard definition DVDs to near 1080p HD resolution to deliver impressive image quality on your HD TV.

If however, you still have a few VHS tapes lying about (and let’s face it, most of us still have one or two), then take a look at the Toshiba Freeview DVD/VCR Recorder DVR20KB.

Whilst offering all of the benefits of the DR20KB, this model includes a VHS player/recorder that allows you to play VHS tapes, record to VHS or even copy your VHS material to DVD. So, if you have any treasured video camera footage you can convert that into DVD and ditch the clunky tapes.

So thanks to Very, there really is no reason to miss out on the televised festive fun this Christmas. Order now and you can have your new DVD recorder in your home in time for Christmas.

20th December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren