Fergie Goes Wild At Jingle Bell Ball

Boom Boom Wow! Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas made us want to add to our Christmas wish lists at the Jingle Bell Ball this weekend.

The 35-year-old singer injected a new lease of life into the classic black suit. It’s the most conservative we’ve seen her for a while, but it’s still wild due to the mix of a show-stopping hat and sunglasses. Fergie sure knows how to dress as well as dance.

Fergie ran, jumped and almost stage-dived during the Black Eyed Peas – it was high energy and then some!

If you missed it you better get to another Peas gig soon as we can reveal there’s not much time to see Fergie at her best. She admitted to feeling broody and saying she wanted to cut back on her tour commitments next year.

“I’m trying to slow down on the touring,” Fergie confessed when asked about pregnancy plans. “That’s the plan for next year, just being selective – only big things.

“I’ve been touring for eight years straight on and off, so it’s time. I need some balance time.”

And what’s more is that Fergie shared her husband Josh Dushamel was suited for fatherhood, saying: He’d make an amazing father. He’s great with kids. I mean he can pick ’em up and swing them around. He was around kids all his life so he’s going to help me because I wasn’t around young, infant babies.

“He knows how to change a diaper. He knows how to do everything, so I’m the luckiest wife.”

Josh does have some flaws in his armour – last week he was thrown off a flight after reportedly refusing to switch off his Blackberry – but it’s good to see he’s making Fergie happy.

After eight years of touring with a crew full of men like Will.I.Am, Fergie deserves to take her foot off the pedal as she’s proved she can sing like a diva, dance like a cabaret girl and look like a model.

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9th December 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin