Five Minutes Of Fashion With Nicole Scherzinger

She’s had  a whirlwind week of promotion including The X factor, This Morning and Loose Women and yet Nicole Scherzinger still looked sizzling and sexy at the Jingle Bell Ball this weekend.

Maybe it’s going out with Lewis Hamilton, who is 7 years her junior, maybe it’s because she’s a trained dancer or maybe it’s because she has good genes due to her mix of Hawaiian, Fillipino and German.

We got to the bottom of it all before her gig at the O2 and grabbed the ex Pussycat Doll for a quick chat about her style.

QS: Do you have any tips for women about how to look sexy?

NICOLE: “Girl power is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within, so even if you’re not wearing a sexy outfit, you feel sexy.

“Growing up I was very conservative in my wardrobe, so when I first joined the Pussycat Dolls, the biggest challenge was wearing those cabaret costumes. I didn’t feel comfortable showing my body so much, showing my legs and butt, chest and midriff. I wasn’t used to it so I had to really grow as a woman and learn to accept myself and my body, find that inner confidence and strength, and love myself for who I was.”

QS Do you have any fashion regrets when you look back and cringe about what you wore in the Pussycat Dolls?

“I once rocked the whole leopard print look with a leotard that went in at the sides. It wasn’t very chic at all.”

QS: What outfits are you most proud of?

NICOLE: “I like what I wore on the X Factor, which were quite structural smart dresses that fit me like a glove. I like to feel like a lady.”

QS: Do you have a stylist?

NICOLE: “Yes, I have a stylist called Paula Bradley and she is phenomenal. She gets me stuff I could never find myself. I love the designers she introduces me too and she knows my style. She knows I like to feel classy and sophisticated.”

QS: Does Lewis have any say in what you wear?

NICOLE: “Lewis buys my jewellery. He has excellent taste.”

And we think Nicole has fabulous taste herself. Shine like Ms Scherzinger did on stage in a Teatro satin peplum dress from Very

It’s so similar even the model looks like Nicole! It also comes in pink

The pink is quite similar to what Nicole wore after the gig, when she let her hair down (literally) with a trip to London nightclub Mahiki.

However, her clubbing dress is brighter like the  Love Label drape front boobtube

Nicole beats the sub zero British weather with a flattering jacket like the South slim fit waterfall jacket

Both of these are Poison-ous looks (in a good way!)

6th December 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin