Get a DSi in Your Hands for Christmas

Handheld computing has come a long way since the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Game Gear did battle in the 1990s. Since those heady days, we’ve seen consoles slim down, lighten up and introduce colour touch screens as the norm.

The Nintendo DSi is one device that has been at the forefront of portable gaming and Nintendo has gallantly fought off the challenges from Sony’s PSP and increasingly advanced mobile phone games (including Angry Birds!).

Despite the DSi, the latest version of Nintendo’s dual screen handheld, being conceived more than four years ago, it is still set to be sat under many Christmas trees this weekend, thanks to its cool features and some great family friendly games.

The DSi console itself is packed with even more technology, adding even more features to the touch screen, WiFi connectivity and voice recognition capabilities that were found in its predecessor, the Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

The casing is now 12% slimmer than the DS Lite but the screens are actually 17% bigger, whilst a built-in internet browser lets you browse on the move.

In addition, it is now easier to personalise your DSi with two cameras, downloadable Nintendo DSiWare and the option of playing your favourite music via SD cards.

And Very is helping you to get a great deal on a new DSi console in time for Christmas (remember that today, Wednesday 22nd December, is the last day for Christmas delivery), with some great bundle deals on a console and games.

We’ve covered Hello Kitty before on the Very Blog so let’s revisit the phenomenon with this Nintendo DSi console in pink bundle, which comes with ‘Happy Party with Hello Kitty and Friends’ and ‘Angel Cat Sugar’ as part of the deal.

With Happy Party with Hello Kitty and Friends’, you can get together and enjoy their many activities, including shopping, cooking, dress making, dressing up and dancing all in the cute and lovable style that has made the Hello Kitty franchise a hit all around the world. You can party away by dancing or by playing some of the great puzzle games, such as spot the difference, the slide puzzle or the memory game.

If Hello Kitty isn’t the sort of game that gets you or your youngsters excited, then try this great DSi bundle with ‘Toy Story 3’, ‘The Princess and The Frog’ and ‘Bolt’.

You’d be hard pressed to find a youngster that didn’t love Toy Story 3 and now, with the DSi, they can relive the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang wherever they are.

Bolt for Nintendo DS takes man’s best friend to a whole new level and beyond in a comedic, fast paced, high-action adventure whilst ‘The Princess and The Frog’ will also keep the kids entertained.

And what’s more, there’s money-off across the range with £20 off both the console only and Hello Kitty bundle, and a cool £30 off the Toy Story 3 bundle.

All that remains from us here from the Very Blog is to wish you all a ‘Very’ Merry Christmas!

22nd December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Games News 7 October 2011

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