Talk is Cheap with T-Mobile

Mobile phones these days eh? Complex gadgets that are more bothered about letting us poke our friends, tweet our FaceSpace followers and browse the web with complex touch screens. Whatever happened to using a phone to talk to people?

If you’re little bit baffled by the latest brand of smartphones or if you just want something simple and functional, rather than hi-tech gadget that’s packed with features that you aren’t interested in, then you’re not alone. Thankfully, T-Mobile has the answer.

We have picked out three sub-£30 mobile phone handsets, all available from right not, that would be perfect for somebody who just wants to talk the talk. If you want a no nonsense, ‘does what it says on the tin’ mobile phone, then take a look at these three handsets.

We’ll start with the T-mobile Zest, which proves that a cheap mobile phone doesn’t have to compromise on style. This handset, with its sleek silver finish, comes in at just £10.

With an easy to use navigation, this is the perfect phone for people who want something simple and functional but, perhaps surprisingly, it doesn’t skimp on some great features.

You can enjoy entertainment on the go with the built in MP3 player, FM radio and camera but above all, clear menus, large keys and a great price make this a superb gift for somebody who wants to talk with minimal fuss.

But if you do want a phone with a few extra features, you’ll be delighted to know that you don’t have to break the bank to get them.

The T-mobile Vairy is ideal for people who prefer to text than talk. With a QWERTY keypad, you can type messages in seconds and keep in touch with all of your friends. The keypad also works if you are using online functions, including Facebook and Twitter.

You can also enjoy your music on the move with the built-in MP3 player and FM radio and you’ll have plenty of space for your music, as the card comes with a 2GB microSD card – and this can be expanded to 4GB with a card upgrade

If however you do want to join the touch screen revolution, you can also do this for less than £30.

The T-mobile Vairy Touch 2 White takes its inspiration from some very recent Nokia handsets, in design at least, but doesn’t come with the heavy price tag. Even then, the features are still respectable for a phone in this price range.

This cool and compact handset with touchscreen allows you to surf the internet wherever you are, take quick and easy photos with the two megapixel camera, play tunes on the MP3 player or listen to your top radio stations on the FM radio. You can even make videos of those funny moments and send them via MMS or Bluetooth.

So don’t be cut off and confused by complicated mobile phones. Instead, stay in touch for less than £30 with T-Mobile and

10th December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren