The X Factor – the good, the bad and the ugly…

The X Factor will leave a bit of a hole in my Saturday and Sunday nights (well, for a few weeks anyway), looking back there has been some great styling on the show. Some was questionable and some was just plain odd.

Here is a look back…

The Good

An amazing new look for Katie Waissel

For me this was the most dramatic look. After a number of weeks in the bottom two Katie was re-invented. Singing ‘Help’ by The Beatles, gone was the wild, blond, bed-hair replaced with a sweet, chestnut brown, pixie crop.  Wearing a Love Label dress the transformation was incredible. Even Louis commented that he felt he was seeing the real Katie for the first time. Here marked the beginning of Katie wearing a number of ladylike lace dresses to match her new look.

The Bad

Of course anything worn by Wagner could (and probably should) be under this heading but my ‘bad’ outfit was worn by Cher. I loved her quirky style – most of the time – but these just didn’t float my style boat.

Quirky and fun for Cher Lloyd

Cher was a sweet girl, getting a bad rap in the press, the attitude she displayed in her energetic performances betrayed her age and true persona. My favourite look for Cher was also during Beatles week when she sat on a winding staircase and sang  ‘Imagine’.


A sweet look for Cher Lloyd


Get the look with this A Wear dress and these Diesel Betty Suede Ring Shoe Boots.

The Ugly

Okay, so this is were Wagner shines… those earrings. Week after week he gave Pat Butcher a run for her money. They would look great teamed with the right outfit – and worn by a woman. Call me old fashioned but these just did not look right.

The curious…

Yellow trousers? A firework?

Matt Cardle – the crowned king of X Factor – in luminous yellow trousers. He did  joke that they were his Dad’s, and to be honest he wore them well despite the fact that they were yellow. But I still have a ask why?

As Very is the first official fashion sponsor of the X Factor I was able to attend the Very Christmas Catwalk Show in London along with the remaining contestants. I have a suspicion that I spent as much time looking at the X Factor contestants as I did the models but I had a great time and the clothes were fab!!

The X Factor contestants look on


15th December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren