Things I Love About Winter

Okay, so I know its cold and we all have to leave for work in the dark only to then return home in the dark too but Winter does have some good points.

Being able to snuggle up in warm chunky knits.

Boots, boots and boots!

Mittens. Totally impractical but utterly adorable.

Long, hot, indulgent bubble baths. Either with a cool glass of wine or a hot mug of tea. You can not beat a relaxing bath while the winter weather rages outside.

Buying Christmas gifts. It’s the perfect excuse to spend hours indulging in online shopping and a time when it is absolutely acceptable to buy one for him, one for me.

One for him...
... one for me.

Sumptuous fabrics – tweed, velvet and brocade.

Jewel colours. Berry reds and plum purples, emerald greens and deep blues. Colours that just don’t suit the warmer seasons.

Nostalgia. From reminiscing about Christmases past to cringing at the thought of last year’s office party, its a time for family and friends and lots and lots of fun.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

20th December 2010
Written by Very_Lauren