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Best Celebrity Events Of 2011

It’s traditional to have ‘Best Of’ round-ups around this time of year, so Very wanted to join in and do something special. It’s been a fabulous 12 months of parties, premieres, awards ceremonies and festivals, during which we’ve grilled the celebrities for their style tips and asked what they’re up to next (and who with).

In 2012, you can expect this again and more, but in the meantime let’s enjoy some of the best moments – and juiciest exclusives – of 2011:

1. Cheryl Cole’s Ups and Downs

Cheryl Cole was hired – and then dropped from the US X Factor. The American producers’ excuse was they couldn’t understand her accent, although they still hired Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones.  However, Cheryl didn’t let it get her down for long and used the downtime to entertain the troops in Afghanistan. Very met her at The Mirror Pride of Britain awards after she’d just returned from a trip to cheer up the soldiers. She looked stunning in a sophisticated back dress. It’s similar to the South linen pencil dress at Very.

2. The Final Twilight Film Premiere

Very had great tickets to the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere. Audiences around the UK got slushy as Vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) married Bella (Kristen Stewart). And one of the highlights was seeing X Factor winners Little Mix wearing Very clothes. They’re wearing the French Connection quarry falls dress and the French Connection Lucinda sequin playsuit

3. Kate Middleton

Gorgeous Kate Middleton married Prince William and met the Obamas – what a year it was for her! The nation fell in love with a new style Queen and started to dress more sophisticated. The Coast Jocasta dress from Very encapsulates the idea of this look.

4. GQ Man Of The Year Awards

Oscar winner Charlize Theron stole the show from the men at the GQ Man of The Year awards in London and cleared the way for a more androgynous way of dressing. She made a masculine jumpsuit look amazing and it also caught the eye of The Hangover actor Bradley Cooper, who barely left her side the whole night. Nice to see another A’list power couple almost as much as it is to follow a new trend. For a similar smart, tailored jumpsuit check out the stunning Love Label tuxedo jumpsuit at Very.

5. Festival tips from Pixie Lott

Very caught up with Pixie Lott at the first festival of the season at Isle of Wight in June to get some tips for the summer of live music ahead. She told us about sunglasses, wellies and hats so we were all prepared for the like of Wireless, V, Glastonbury and Bestival. Pixie’s got her own range of clothing for Lipsy – it’s been a successful year for her.

As you can see 2011 was packed full of showbiz parties, premieres and music events and Very hopes to bring you more of the same in 2012. Happy New Year! x

Sofa, So Good!

There’s nothing better than coming home from a hard day’s work and putting your feet up on your own super-comfortable sofa. Whether you’re from a family of five, a student in rented accommodation or a first-time buyer there’s a sofa out there with your name on it!

If your living room is on the petite size and you’re looking for a compact sofa with bags of style then check out this great little Miro 2 seater sofa. It’s easy on the eye, really comfortable and best of all will fit through most standard doorways so you won’t have to worry about unhinging any doors on delivery day!

Maybe you’re at the opposite end of the scale and you need a large family sofa to cope with the demands of a busy family life? Very have got so many sofa’s to choose from but I have to point out this beauty; the Malibu Right Hand Corner Chaise is a great way to maximise space and ensure that every family member gets the best seat in the house! Plus, as you’d expect from a family-friendly sofa the Malibu is upholstered in a durable textured chenille fabric which is removable and it has reversible fibre filled back cushions.

If you have modern tastes and fancy a sofa that features more contemporary styling then take a look at this Justin Fabric Scatterback 3 Seater Sofa. It’s available in a fabulous range of colours including Charcoal, Chocolate, Plum, Teal and it’s gorgeous curved arms will look just the part in a modern home.


Alternatively, if you’re taste errs on the traditional side, you’ll love the idea of a classic Chesterfield style leather sofa. You know, the kind of thing you’d expect to find in a period drama or a gentleman’s club. Well look no further than this sumptuous Hemmingway 3 Seater Leather Sofa, available in a variety of rich coloured leathers.

Finally if you need a sofa that’s not just a sofa, how about trying a sofa bed? Ideal for those of us without the luxury of a spare room a sofa bed can be the perfect solution. Plus they no longer look lumpy and ungainly – they’ve certainly moved on in recent years. Look at this striking Lux Fabric Sofa Bed with it’s streamlined curves- you’d never guessed it hid a bed in there!

 So, sit back, relax and enjoy your new sofa – what are you waiting for?! x

One Item Three Ways: The Parka

My mission is to take one item and give it three very different and distinctive looks. I’m choosing the South Core Parka as it’s a coat that’s really practical and wearable and some of you may have one similar to it already. I want to show you a few ways to keep it fresh and modern and totally on trend…so here goes.



Mods in parkas back in the day

1. Sixties Mod

The first look is a nod to the heritage of the parka so it’s little bit Sixties Mod but I still want to keep it fashion and feminine so there’s also un petit Beatnik Français going on (oooh get me and my impressive command of the French language).  Let’s start with a crisp shirt or blouse worn buttoned all the way up, like this South Beaded Collar Blouse which is just gorgeous. I wore it for the filming of the V-Team advert and it’s a great fit. The blouse looks good as it is but you could give it an extra flourish by tying a skinny black ribbon around the neck in a bow. The silhouette wants to be slim so add a pair of Love Label Super Soft Skinny Jeans in black. The right accessories are crucial to this look so wear a skinny belt like this Patent Belt in black  and go girly in footwear with these cute Dune Doze Bow Ballerina Pumps or keep it totally Mod with Fred Perry Moore Leather Brogues. Finish with a clutch bag like this super cool red French Connection Sweetie Clutch Bag. OMG and Oh Mon Dieu, I love this look.

2. Country Heritage

Now let’s take that parka and give it a country Heritage look. Start with a wintery cropped knit like this South Cable Jumper in gold. Tie a short silk paisley scarf in the same tones around your neck and add some shorts in a tweed or cord – you want a country fabric to contrast the utility fabric of the coat and the softness of the knitwear so go for these South Cord Shorts in mustard or plum. Add an Animal Print Belt to keep the look contemporary. Underneath the shorts wear some thick brown tights for warmth – it is December after all. Footwear wants to be high so the look stays fashion and doesn’t actually become something you’d wear on the farm! Go for either of these – Carvela Albert Wedge Shoe Boots or Love Label Bobo Chelsea Ankle Boots in chocolate brown. If you’re feeling particularly fashion add a hat like this Wide Brim Fedora. Oooh, I almost like this look more than the last one. I shall definitely be replicating it for my next daytime date with The Farmer.

3. 90’s Grunge 

It’s all about 90’s Grunge for my final look. This is my most experimental look and it’s for all you Very girls with your finger firmly on the fashion pulse. You may not remember Grunge from the first time around so I’ll give you a super quick lesson from fashion history. Back in the early 90s Marc Jacobs was head designer at Perry Ellis and he was totally inspired by Kurt Cobain and the Seattle indie scene and he showed this collection of long dresses over stripy knits, worn with beanies and flat boots and was promptly sacked for it!

Outrageous lack of judgement I said at the time as I was a young fashion student and a huge fan of this look. I’m bringing that style bang up to date with this outfit by mixing day with night and creating something really unexpected. I LOVE the idea of dressing down a sequinned gown with a parka and this Teatro Sequin Maxi Dress is very vintage in it’s shape and colour, like something you might find in an old dusty trunk from a bygone era. As it’s sooo evening I’d dress it down even further with a Bow Trim Hat & Scarf Set in cream (or black), wrapping the scarf once tightly around the neck and letting the lengths hang down the front of the dress. This outfit definitely needs flat shoes or boots to contrast with the gown. You could go for biker boots or Dr Martens but I really like these new Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Lady Outsider Boots. The colour works perfectly with the look and Converse were a major footwear favourite in the 90s. Just look at images of Kate Moss and Rosemary Ferguson shot by the late Corrine Day for your inspiration. I HEART this look and need that dress in my life.


So that’s three very different ways to wear a parka. Mission accomplished.

Love Kirsty x

Hangover Beauty Tips!

The aftermath of the party…….I know, I know, I do it too … regret and beat myself up wishing that I’d drunk more water between each glass of Champagne and then I wake up the next day with a stonking headache, blood shoot eyes and a puffy face…. so here are a few of my quick recovery tips to make you look and conceal the fact you might not be feeling quite so fabulous!

Berocca – I carry it everywhere and it is a lifesaver if you have over indulged!  Take one first thing then I always sort my eyes with a couple of drops of Allerclear Eye Drops.  After your shower indulge and apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This gives an amazing lift and tightens the skin perfectly – a mini face lift in a tube!  Then apply Garnier Nutrionist Caffeine Eye Roll-on which will reduce puffiness under the eyes and it also feels sensational.

After a big night it is important to keep your make-up fresh and light. Too much make-up around the eyes can draw attention to any slightly puffy eyes.  Start by applying Daniel Sandler Waterbase Foundation with concealer as this will cover any redness and make your skin look flawless. Curl your lashes with Elegant Touch eyelash curler and this will really open the eyes. Next apply YSL Volume False Lash Effect Black Mascara.  The Love Label Shine and Define Kit will bring the colour back to your cheeks. Smile and apply the the tint onto the apple of your cheeks and also apply a little on the lips to give a really healthy rosy glow, finally add the high-lighter to the cheek bones and a little on the eyelids.  Polish off with Carmex Lip balm pot 7.5g which is a must have to revive dry and dehydrated lips !!

So just like school, it’s the 3 ‘R’s …. Rest, Rehydrate and get Ready for the next party!! x

xx Ginni

New Mum’s Nursery Essentials

It’s nearly a new year and for some that means becoming a new mum! Whether this is your first child or not, all mothers-to-be want the best for their baby and that means ensuring your nursery is well-equipped for those all important early days.  The one item of furniture that you’ll be using the most in those early months is a cot or crib. The Ladybird Evie cot bed is an elegant piece of nursery furniture designed to adapt to your growing child’s needs. Two protective teething rails also help to keep your baby safe and when they’re old enough to go into a proper bed, the Ladybird Evie can be adapted into a toddler bed by removing the side rails, helping to make this tricky transition much easier and comforting.

One real essential during those initial weeks is ensuring you have plenty of clean bedding around because you certainly get through it quickly! That makes this beautifully soft Ladybird 6-Piece Bedding Bale even more appealing. It’s suitable for a pram, moses basket or cradle – this beautifully soft nursery bedding also comes in peaceful pastel colours and it will keep your newborn safe and warm.

Now as we all know, apart from sleeping, there is one other thing that new babies do an awful lot of! For that you will need a good baby changer like this stunning Mamas & Papas Willow Dresser/Changer. It includes 3 spacious drawers on safety runners.  Feeding your baby can be one of the few times you get to sit down for a few minutes so do ensure you have a comfortable nursing chair like this lovely Ladybird Rock-a-Bye Nursing Chair which comes complete with a matching stool for complete comfort. Having a comfortable chair at hand in the nursery for you and your baby makes all the difference in those early days when you’re feeding in the middle of the night. The glide action of the chair will help soothe and comfort your baby while it maintains posture. The deep upholstery also gives added comfort. 

Finally ensuring your baby sleeps as long as possible will soon become top priority! Help block out light pollution which can disturb a good night’s sleep with this pretty nursery-friendly Metallic Square roller blind.

Good luck and enjoy your beautiful bundle of joy! X

Tom Cruise’s New Leading Lady Shines At Mi4 Premiere

On the red carpet of the Mission Impossible 4, one woman stood out more than any other – lead actress Paula Patton.  If we were Katie Holmes, there may well be a touch of the green eyed monster as having Paula work with your husband and then dress up every night to promote the film would knock the confidence of even the strongest woman.  At the premiere she shunned the traditional maxi dress option to show off her legs in a short sequin party dress. However, it works for her – when your figure is this lovely it’d be a crime to hide it!

Very was lucky enough to attend the premiere at the fabulous BFI Imax cinema in London and made the most of the opportunity to exclusively ask Paula a few questions to find out who she was and where she came from. In the film she works closely with Tom as she plays one of the members of his spy team. But how tight is she with the actor in real life?

“ I am in awe of Tom,”  Paula exclusively revealed to us. “What impressed me the most was he does his own stunts. This is one of the most famous movie stars of all time, who was literally hanging off the edge of the 134th floor of the Burj Khalifa. It’s been a joy to be part of the movie with him and I hope we will always be part of each other’s lives.”

But Paula hasn’t come entirely from nowhere. Her family home when she was a child was opposite the 20th Century Fox studios, which sparked her keenness to act. She married the R&B singer Robin Thicke and then her first major movie role was in the Oscar nominated film Precious where she played Precious’ teacher. She was so into the role she spent 3 weeks with a teacher in New York to see what they do. So did she follow a spy for her part in Mi4? She confessed: “I wish!” Shame, although maybe it was for the best that Paula kept a low profile as her beauty would cause her to get noticed and spies are meant to blend in. There’s no way you can blend into a crowd in a white embellished dress, which is partly why it was perfect for the premiere. The Love Label batwing dress from Very is similarly stunning.

If you like beads and sequins then another take on Paula’s premiere outfit is the South backless beaded vintage dress at Very. It’s not as figure-hugging but the backless detail is perfect for getting attention

Another highlight of the film was Tom Cruise telling us he was in talks to make Top Gun 2. That means more Maverick and more retro 80s fashion. Do it soon Tom, please! x

Exclusive Interview: Cher Lloyd On Swagger And Style

What a difference a year has made for Cher Lloyd, who has really grown up in the past 12 months. This time last year, she was an X Factor loser, who was not popular with the public because it seemed like she had a massive attitude. 

Now she’s still got what you’d call Swagger, but she’s showed she’s willing to work hard for her success. She’s been flying to LA regularly to work with Will.I.Am and producer Red One and has not stopped getting out and about to promote her debut album Sticks And Stones. From an impressive performance on X Factor to a sold out gig at T4 Sound of 2011, to a professional interview on BBC Breakfast, Cher’s now 18 and acting her age. Very exclusively caught up with her at a Christmas party for website SB.TV in London. Here’s a mini interview with the Style Queen – she’s more switched on than you’d expect.

VERY: Do you get frustrated by the comparisons to Cheryl Cole?

CHER: “I admire Cheryl’s ­fashion, her looks and I even have a tattoo of a ­musical note like hers on my hand, I actually think  it’s funny when people say I look like her – we’re ­different, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

VERY: You have a unique look, how would you describe your sense of style?

CHER: “This is the funniest thing ever. People always mention about my fashion. But I’ll tell you a little secret… I actually don’t care what I wear. I wake up in the morning, I leave it ’til about five minutes before I leave my house and I shove any old shirt and jeans on. That’s the funniest thing. I’m always like, “Right, I don’t really care what I wear.” As long as I’m warm and I’m covered up and I’ve not got anything hanging out, I don’t care.”

VERY: Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought, ‘what was I thinking?

CHER: “Oh, all the time. Go on Google! Disgusting. I’ve learnt new techniques and now I’m able to be comfortable with myself, without changing my hair every five minutes. I’m slightly more feminine now – you may even catch me in a dress!”

VERY: Would you ever release your own clothing label?

CHER: “Do you know what, I’m not really thinking about it at the moment, but in the future maybe. You know things pop up, and you get good ideas for stuff. But if I did, I’d want it to be about a particular thing. I’d want to base it around you know girls with lower self esteem and stuff like that. I’d want to make it so everyone gets a chance to wear something really fashionable.”

VERY: What advice would you give people about fashion?

CHER: “I think people should dress for themselves,not to please anyone else. I’ve always been my own person. People would have a hard job trying to mould me. Even on The X Factor, where they’re picking your songs and outfits, and doing your hair and make-up the way they want you to be seen. I was quite rebellious. I’d say no, I don’t want to look like that. I want to wear those shoes not those ones.”

Now Cher’s in charge of her own look she’s doing a fab job! In the video for her current single, Want U Back, she steers between rocky and ready to party and cute and girly. We exclusively got some stills from the vid and have been looking at them to work out how to get a similar style. For the party chick, new label Whitney Eve at Very encompasses Cher’s style pefectly. Check out the Whitney Eve pony t-shirt and Whitney Eve Layla racer back dress for a party outfit with Swagger.

Later in the video, she models a white cardigan. White is a lovely Winter look and makes knitwear look extra chic. Try the South cotton slub v-neck cardigan for a lovely white look or wrap up warm in a South cowl neck ribbed jumper.

It’ll be interesting to see how Cher continues to develop and grow with her voice and style in 2012. We’re hoping for good things! x

How To Wear Red!

Red is a very sexy colour. It’s powerful, it’s dominating and it’s always associated with love and passion. The psychology experiments of an American university showed that men find women who are wearing red significantly more attractive than the exact same women shown wearing other colours. When wearing red, women were also more likely to be treated to a more expensive outing. Kerching! How bizarre and at the same time, useful to know.

There is a red to suit everyone in the spectrum of reds from orangey reds right through to bluey reds.  What’s important is to find the shade that suits your skin tone. The best way to find your red is to hold the colour or fabric up to your face and see if it washes you out or brightens you up. If that’s not possible, which is the case with online shopping, then follow this guide to find the red that best suits your hair and skin tone.

LightDo you have blonde or light brown hair and pale blue, grey or green eyes? If that’s you then go for pale reds with a blue undertone. Keep away from orangey reds.

Deep – Dark brown or black hair with dark eyes? Look for dark and strong reds with a blue undertone and again avoid orangey reds.

Warm – Red hair? Lucky you (ahem, I am a bit biased being a fellow ginger).  If you have a golden skin tone then you are in the warm category. Orangey reds suit us best.  Anything too blue will make us look washed out.

Cool – Ash blonde or grey haired ladies with any eye colour are in the cool spectrum so stick to the purple toned reds and bluey reds.

Clear – Dark brown or black hair with blue eyes suit clear bright reds, like the red of a post box.

Soft –  Dark blonde or brown hair with eye that are soft coloured in blue, green or brown suit  soft and muted reds like claret or raspberry.

When shopping on-line you can always check out the model wearing the item of red clothing – if she’s your colouring you know you’re onto something.  The bravest amongst us should definitely buy a red dress but as there are so many styles to choose from it’s difficult to know what to pick. It all depends on your mood and personality.

Are you feeling sassy? Then look at this pair of gorgeous dresses.  I adore the Gucci dress (obvs) but sadly I don’t have that kind of budget.  I personally find that the South Split Maxi Dress ticks all my fashion boxes and is a fraction of the price.  Psst, I’ve already got it in purple and it’s a winner.

Are you feeling sweet? Go for an on-trend skater dress like this Love Label Fit and Flare Fitted Dress.  Keep this looking minimalist and wear with black opaque tights and high heeled ankle boots. Very fashion forward. Or are you feeling seductive? Then go for a bodycon dress like this French Connection Arte Bodycon Wool Dress.  Think Jessica Rabbit and wear with bare legs, pointy toe stilettos and a statement clutch bag.


When it comes to separates I love to see red clashing with pink, orange and tobacco but if that sounds a bit too much you can always play a bit safer and wear red with solid black and grey pieces. Go for a pair of red skinny jeans like these Hilfiger Denim Nina Skinny Leg Jeans – you’ll get loads of wear out of them – or a red silky blouse like the South Satin Tie Neck Blouse and wear to work with a charcoal pencil skirt.

A red pattern is more subtle than a block of solid red. Look for pattern in your accessories, a red scarf like this Retro Knit Hat and Gloves Set or statement handbag like this Amused By Ameko Tiger Cut-work Medium Leather Bag can really lift a neutral coloured outfit.  When it comes to red shoes, hmmmm. Red shoes can look a little tarty so choose wisely. I’d go for something very dramatic in heels like these Carvela Grass Suede Platform Wedges or some quirky flats like the South Erik Patent Penny Loafers.

Ahhhh red – what’s not to love? x

Gucci 2011

Perfect Party Hair

Wow, just did my last Job for Christmas and it was with the lovely Florrie Arnold ! I have spent the last year working with her and see her as an incredible talent with an amazing look!

With party season in full swing I thought it would be kind of me to share some top secrets and two of my favourite looks that I’ve used on Florrie and the simple ways of achieving them.


‘Big Hair down’ – I love this look and it couldn’t be simpler to achieve by investing in a set of heated rollers Tresseme Hot Rollers 3038U.  I used a set of these on Florrie in Paris for a shoot and she has put this on her Christmas list as they are amazing.  To create the look side part the hair and take big sections and spray with Elnett – check out Loreal Elnett Hairspray Duo.  Spray from root to end and wind hair around the roller and secure in place with the pins. Spray again and wait for the curlers to cool.

Apply your make-up in the meantime and this hairstyle looks great with a bold red lip Barry M lip paint – Pillar Box Red.

‘Wavey Hair up’ – for this look check out Babyliss 2337U Wave envy curler, run the tong through the front of the hair also adding some dry shampoo.  I love Fudge Dry Shampoo.  At the roots give volume and an amazing cool texture then secure the back in a loose bun pulling out the sides to create a ‘Bob’ effect. To create the eye-look, I used Vita Liberata day to night Make-up set and on the lips Barry M lip Paint 150 – Pink Suede.

I’m off to do some Christmas shopping … Have fun!! x

Exclusive Little Mix Gossip From Their GAY Gig

Little Mix are Number One in the UK singles chart!

The Military Wives are now competing against them in a bid to get Christmas No 1, but the battle is fierce as Little Mix have already developed into a full fledged girl band. And as they performed at London nightclub GAY at the weekend, their sense of style was evident for all to see.  And, Very can exclusively reveal that they are enjoying a fan base on Madonna levels. There were so many fans outside their GAY gig, they almost had to close the street to cars. Once safely inside, the girls were handed a special cake shaped like a Number One. It looked like it was tasty, and it definitely put a smile on the band’s faces!

Very can also reveal that there was so much hysteria from fans at the GAY gig it was hard for the girls to perform. Santa hats and even pants were thrown at the stage and cheers were so loud it almost drowned out the girls’ microphones.  The most popular girl among the GAY crowd was Jesy Nelson. At one point the crowd were repeatedly chanting her name, until she thanked them and asked if she could get on with it. Bless!

The girls are all single at the moment, putting their career before romance until they get Brit Awards and Grammy’s. Blonde singer Perrie Edwards was texting One Direction singer Zayn Malik but now says there is nothing going on because she doesn’t want to get distracted. It’s great to see such a disciplined attitude, as the girls clearly realise they have to earn their fans support if they’re going to get awards sooner rather than later.

One thing we like about the girls is their unique fashion sense. We hardly ever see them in high heels and they show that there are a lot of ways to make flats cool. Check out the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lady Outsider Boots for a look like Leigh-Anne(top, far right) or try the G-Star Raw military lace up sergeant boots to be like Jesy. Jade (top, far left) had a pair of cute Nike trainers, similar to the Nike Air Royalty Hi trainers at Very.

Little Mix are also working a new colour – green. We’ve seen girl bands wear a lot of reds and pinks recently, but rarely green, and yet the gorgeous girl group pulls it off.  Something tells us 2012 is going to be a good one for Little Mix. Let’s hope they can keep up their individual fashion sense as they rise to the top. Promise never to go boring on us, girls! x