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In the wonderful world of Beauty here at Very we are very pleased to announce the launch of Daniel Sandler Cosmetics!

British talent Daniel has been an international makeup artist for over 20 years. He’s spent over 4 years developing his award winning cosmetics range, drawing from his experience as a professional makeup artist to create products that simplify makeup for women of all skin tones. 

From foundations to lip glosses the range has everything and with super slic packaging you’ll want the whole lot in your make up case…

Waterbase foundations with concealer 


Dark, Medium & Fair foundation

Daniels Waterbase foundation with concealer is packed with minerals and moisturisers to nourish skin without clogging pores and revealing your true beauty all day long. It’s virtually weightless allowing skin to breathe freely while shielding against the sun and UV rays. Each product is hypo-allergenic and skin safe containing no irritants such as fragrance, oil, talc & dyes.

Daniels top tip: ‘Always use a foundation brush for a professional finish. For extra slip wipe your brush in moisturiser or dampen brush slightly then apply evenly all over the face, taking extra care to blend down into the neck and avoid unsightly lines.’

Watercolour blusher 


The silicone-based, oil-free formulation is perfect for any skin type and creates a water resistant, sheer finish that needs no power to set. The colour created remains true throughout the day thanks to a high quality pigment that will not fade, crease or dry the complexion, and is perfect for flawless make-up whether you wear base or not.

To apply, give the bottle a shake and pop one small dot of colour on each cheek and blend. For a more intense colour, just layer another dot of colour on top.

 Professional makeup brush range

Either made from Taklon, a new revolutionary synthetic nylon or made from natural hair Daniels created a handbag sized makeup brush for every need!

 Waterbrush, Bronzer/powder brush & Base Brush

Check out the rest of Daniel Sandlers award winning range on Very and keep your eyes pealed for more products coming soon…

18th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: JuJu Aquamoist 25 February 2011

I was just wondering, how long have you been writing articles like this? Pretty good stuff, keep it up!