Celebrity Style Spring Collection 2011

As spring approaches at last we have the joy of casting aside our winter woollies but it’s still too early for summer shorts and flip flops so what do I have my eye on this season? I have fallen in love with three key items with an updated twist.

One. The Wedge– I can’t rave about these beauty’s enough- for every pair I’ve managed to destroy I have shed a silent tear that I wasn’t sensible enough to buy a duplicate pair. This Year though the wedge trend is HOT and there are so many to choose from that i will be investing in a few- no more trawling online auctions this year!!

Two. The Blouse– So what’s so special about this year I hear you ask? You will have to trust me on this -The focus this year on denim and wedges –so popular in the 70s- means the focal point is going to be on top to balance out the heaviness of the wedge- what better than a pretty fitted blouse or loose smock and beads? Hold your verdict till you see the fine collection by Very’s own celebrity designers.

ThreeJeans– I was born in the 70s so flares will always be my favourite and if combined with wedges and looses tops I could be sent into overdrive which basically involves scaring the kids with my Led Zeppelin collection blasting full blast whilst they tremble in horror. Fear not though I know flares aren’t everyone’s favourites and all three celebs have come up with a much more fitted variety of Jean.

 I’ve taken a selection from Fearne Cottons, Holly Willoughby & Colleen to show how they have blended these three items and selected my own personal favourite Celeb style.

Will you agree though or would you have chosen differently- let’s take a look.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne has been so excited about the launch of her new spring range in Very she couldn’t resist writing about it on her official site HERE. I must say I have fallen in love with the quirky touches that Fearne always adds to make them uniquely “Fearne”.  Double Denim isn’t for everyone but she manages to carry it off with success as usual. If this is too much for you then try her casual white shirt instead with the delightfully fun floral hem Jeans. Tie up wedges finish the look- I love these!

Holly Willoughby

Holly’s style is all about the curves added with subtle feminine glamour. This blouse flatters the cleavage to the maximum but still retains that girlishness that is unique to Holly’s designs. The jeans look fit to hug and flatter; I love the vivid indigo which adds freshness to a spring wardrobe. Her wedges are of course ultra girly- Just like the lovable Holly herself.


I was eager to see this collection- mainly because Holly and Fearne have made such a success is there room for more? Well I can breathe a sigh of relief- I am in love with most of her collection! Her focus on tan shades adds a classic touch and her designs are ideal for building up a stylish investment wardrobe. This floaty blouse is so demure but the gold detail adds a more modern touch making it ideal for day to night wear. Her Jeans are a safe classic blue and work well with the other pieces in her collection. Her wedges combine peep toes with added height- I love both colours in these!


It’s a hard decision but I think Coleen’s style reflects mine quite accurately- I’m neither as slim or young as Fearne or as curvy and glamorous as Holly. I think Coleen’s collection combines just the right touch of femininity for me personally yet I confess I do have a crush on Fearne’s tie wedges and those curve hugging Jeans by Holly! The item that has won my heart though is this lovely floaty top by Coleen so on that alone she wins my vote.

Which style do you favour? Maybe you are more of a Caprice or Jasmine type of gal? Share your celebrity crush below.

12th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren