Cheer up on Blue Monday

Today is officially the most depressing day of the year, according to researchers, who claim that the third Monday of January should be known as ‘Blue Monday’.

Apparently, the third Monday of the January is the day that gets to us most of all out of the entire year. Researchers claim that the miserable weather, combined with busy work schedules, dark nights and the fact that the Christmas credit card bill is about to land on the door mat, are all to blame for the post-Christmas downer.

The man credited with coining the phrase “Blue Monday”, Cliff Arnall, even created a scientific formula to calculate just how “blue” somebody was feeling, concluding that the third Monday in January was the day that people needed cheering up the most.

So here at Very HQ, we’re trying our best to brighten up Blue Monday by picking out some great new buys from our catalogue – all with a “blue” theme of course!

So what comes to mind when you think of blue? A boy band from the early 00’s? A Blu-Ray player? The shirts of various football teams?

What about shoes? More importantly, suede shoes?

OK, so not everybody is a fan of Elvis Pressley but the king himself did try his hardest to promote a new fashion craze so, on today of all days, why not try and continue his work?

So, on this Blue Monday, allow us to introduce you to something brand in the Very catalogue from Gio-Goi.

These Gio-Goi Tibst Suede Mens Trainers are brand new to and look fantastic for everyday and casual wear. With Gio-Goi, you also know that you are getting great style and outstanding quality – that’s enough to put a smile on anybody’s face!

For the ladies, we’re going to take a look at these Love Label Geenie suede gilly tie shoe boots.

With a five-inch heel and striking cobalt-blue finish, these boots are going to stand out from the crowd wherever you are.

Despite their appearance, the shoes are incredibly comfortable and they are great for parties and nights out. And to cheer you up on this Blue Monday, they’re currently half price at just £22.50!

So stop feeling blue! Cheer up and remember that Blue Monday only lasts 24 hours!

17th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren