Fashion Talk With Elle Macpherson

Supermodel Elle Macpherson will be returning to our TV screens next year for Britain’s Next Top Model, so she needs a relaxing Christmas and New Year.

We can exclusively reveal that she’s planning to jet away for New Year to Aspen for fun in the snow with her two sons Arpad Flynn and Aurelius Cy.

As a TV presenter and executive producer of BNTM as well as running her own Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie line, The Body Skincare collection and modelling for other brands including Invisible Zinc sun tan lotion, the hard-working 47-year-old rarely gets time to get a holiday.

Very managed to grab her before she jetted off for an interview about how she finds time for fashion as a hardworking mum and we found out her sons are equally entrepreneurial.

QS: What are your tips about how to be fashionable when you’re a busy mother?

ELLE: “I have two young boys and no nanny, so first and foremost my day is about getting them up and dressed and off to school.

“I do a bit of sport and work, then pick the boys up from school, help them with their homework, cook the dinner, then it’s bath time and stories in bed.

“So I guess sport is the key. By being active you look better and feel better.”

QS: What about underwear. You must know a lot as you have your own underwear range?

ELLE: “It’s great to see women’s tastes in underwear have changed so much since we launched 20 years ago. For a start, women are now buying a lot more bras and actually caring about their underwear.  “My collection has Australian ‘handwriting’ – bright colours and clashing fabrics – which was a relatively new concept when we started but I think it’s becoming really popular now. Get colourful!

QS: In March 2010, you went back to the catwalk for Marc Jacobs after a 15 year break. Why?

ELLE:  “It wasn’t about me going back to the catwalk, Marc Jacobs wanted to show clothes for all sorts of women of different ages and body types.

“I found it nerve-wracking but it was an important message. It echoed what a lot of people have been feeling in the fashion industry – it’s not about size, but what people perceive as beautiful. I was proud of it.”

QS: Do you look to any other celebrities for inspiration?

ELLE: “When I first started if you had blonde hair and blue eyes you were beautiful but I think there are lots of different – and beautiful looks from Scarlett Johansson to Kate Moss to Julia Roberts.

“They have very different types of bodies and that’s so wonderful.”

QS: Are your sons into fashion or showbiz?

ELLE:  “My 12-year-old is an entrepreneur! He programmes everyone’s Blackberries and Ipods and wants to create his own business called Tech Teacher, where he helps his friends at school to download things onto their Ipods.

“He’s even created business cards. I encourage his creativity.

“My younger son loves to dance and sing. I think the business he’ll go into is probably showbusiness – although he has a brain for numbers – so who knows!”

How cool to see the model is so hands-on with her kids, even willing to get active with them on the slopes of Aspen!

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With this outfit inspiring our Winter wardrobes, we await the next series of Britain’s Next Top Model so we can copy loads more of Macpherson’s magic looks!

4th January 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin

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