Jessie J- The Brits Nominations 2011

2011 certainly seems to be the year for London born Jessie J. Already at Number 2 with her  Uk debut single “Do it like a dude” she’s certainly a hit in the music industry and has already become favoured as the Brit Awards Number one girl. 


As the new girl on the block she is going to get compared to others in the industry but interestingly  she states on her official site HERE that not only is she self styled but she also writes her own lyrics. This sounds to me like a girl who knows what she wants and will continue to do it her own way- a must if you want to earn credibility amongst fellow musicians, already renowned for her penned hits for Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus shes certainly on her way. 

what did I think of her Outfit though – I think if anything for the Brits she has played it pretty safe- why? 

Don’t we all remember the back in the day style wars between Britney and Christina? Even Rihanna & Beyonce seemed to go accused of  it at one point. We have seen pretty much every pop starlet stripping down in leather and lace at some point. 

If you need more evidence then I ask you this. How many of you have hidden behind the cushions as the legendry Cher has  yet again dusted off the old black fishnets & Basque to dance about on stage? 






Jessie J certainly packages it better on this picture and of course I agree she does look amazing in her second skin of Roberto Cavelli and divine shoes by POP by POP by PPQ so yes she manages to pull off the whole gothic vibe-especially with those jet black lips and enviable bob! 

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l personally think though that she would also have looked equally as amazing in this prom dress by Morgan. With looks to die for and legs that go on for miles it could have been made for her! Teamed with these gothic lace shoe boots by Holly Willoughby and Fishnet ankle socks she would get my vote.

Are you a Jessie J Fan or perhaps you have just watched the Brits Nominations 2011? Why not pop a comment below.

18th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren