Sales shopping – why online beats the high street!

Yes it’s that time of year that all shopaholics look forward to – the post- Xmas sales!

It just gets better and better though as online shopping becomes so much more popular meaning it’s so much easier to bag a bargain without leaving the house- let me persuade you why shopping at home is the only way to shop!

So what exactly does online shopping have in favour against the high street?

  1. Sales start online even before the high street meaning you can start your sales shopping as early as Xmas eve.
  2. There’s no opening or closing which means you can shop 24 hours a day.
  3. You can shop in comfort, no need to get dressed up which saves on transport and expensive coffee shops when you need to refuel!
  4. The high street really can be handbags at 10 paces- it seems that the urge to get a bargain plays havoc with some ladies manners; at home you can safely shop without getting pushed, shoved and sometimes worse!
  5. Shopping at home means you evaluate the product more clearly- let’s face it, when a woman next to you is giving you the evil eye for getting that last dress in your size, do you think rationally? You daren’t put it back and come back as you know it will be gone so you are more likely to just buy it anyway and this can lead to expensive mistakes.
  6. Returns policy- most department stores won’t offer the same rights against sales purchases which may mean you end up returning a faulty item but it’s now out of stock in your size- they refuse to offer a refund so you end up having to spend money on something in store you don’t actually want. Shopping online with Very means you don’t get penalised for grabbing a bargain and the terms and conditions of sale remain exactly the same.
  7. You can spread the cost over the year to suit yourself meaning you can have that new cooker now and not worry about paying for it all in one go!
  8. Not a queue or thermos in sight- bliss!

So now I’ve persuaded you into the benefits of home shopping what 5 bargains do I recommend you spend your cash on?

Electricals are a huge buy in January and no wonder with televisions being slashed by 50 per cent or more. If you are looking to invest in a large screen TV then this is the time to buy. The money you save can be spent well elsewhere.

Furniture– again if you are looking to make a costly single item purchase such as a sofa etc then this is the time to invest, with high street stores offering great savings it means our online competitors want to keep your custom here too so will offer big savings to tempt you in. I have seen sofas reduced by 75 per cent before- that’s a huge wad of cash back in your pocket!

Toys– As we know the main time for buying toys is the weeks before Xmas and then there is a huge gap in the market till next year. Most stores actually buy in extra for the festive period which means they then may have a huge stock of items left needing to be shifted after Christmas. My recommendation is to buy now for birthdays and even as far as next Xmas as toys get reduced to silly prices –take advantage whilst you can.

Fragrance– nearly all purchases of perfume are on Xmas eve apparently, leaving an almighty hole in the market for the rest of the year. Buy box sets in the sale at discounted cost to stash for Valentine’s Day or if you are like me to last throughout the year. Presentation sets mean you get the added extras of lotions and bath products too for layering scent, mmm!

Jewellery– looking to get engaged? Then we all know the price of a ring could be your most costly purchase this year. Take advantage of the sales to make your purchase, if you are cunning you can then wait till valentine’s day to propose without having to spend the marked up prices in the jewel trade in February!

Whats the best sale purchase you have made so far? Let me know below

4th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren