See Cher Lloyd’s Successful New Fashion Style

She may not have won last year’s X Factor, but the much-talked about Cher Lloyd is far from slipping into oblivion. Last week the 17 year-old stirred up yet more controversy when it was reported that she had been signed to THREE different record labels.

According to numerous sources, Cher has been snapped up by rapper and music mogul Jay Z for his Roc Nation record label.

Umber-ella singer Rihanna is also signed to the same label and it looked like Cher was taking a leaf out of Ri-Ri’s book when she attended Funky Mojoes club in Essex over the New Year.

However, if Cher’s signing is true then one person who won’t be happy is Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am, who made no secret of his like for the young rapper.

Cher and Will seemed to get on like a house on fire during the X Factor semi-final when he performed a duet with the outspoken teen. Shortly after, Cheryl’s Cole mini-me and close friend headed off to the studio to record a track together. The next day, Tweeted: “Hey Cher, when should we release the song we recorded in London???… (It’s a smasher)”.

Another person who had to get a slice of the action is X Factor boss and dedicated Cher fan, Simon Cowell, who has reportedly already made the teen sign on the dotted line.

With so many people fighting over her, it’s no wonder Cher looked fierce and confident. In her own words, she’s ‘got her Swag On’.

Speaking of swag, Cher definitely knows how to combine super-cool with warm winter attire in her on-trend clubbing outfit. Very has plenty of similar options like the new  Jasmine Guinness Queen of Hearts knitted jumper

If you look at Cher from head to toe you’ll also see she’s working the accessories including yellow gold twisted ribbon earrings

And a necklace like the Love pendant and charm bracelet

But she keeps her clothes cool and casual with the South hareem trousers

And keeps her fingers toasty in some leather gloves. Check out the gorgeous leather pleat and button gloves at Very at just £22!

Finish the look and show you mean business with some CAT Jane statement boots

She may have copied Rihanna’s hair do, but Cher has definitely made fashion jewellery and comfy trousers cool again.

27th January 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin