Show Your Hair Some Extended Love This Valentine’s

Whether in the first blush of romance or a relationship making an effort to look great on Valentine’s Day is something most women want and Salon Confidential Clip & Go Hair Extensions can do just this!

The problem with what we women want and what we have time to do in today’s busy lifestyles can be two totally different things, and often when it comes to getting ready for special occasions like Valentine’s Day pampering ourselves can come last in the rush of busy jobs or looking after the kids.

Which is where Salon Confidential Clip & Go hair extensions can make all the difference, you can create the most glamorous looks in a matter of minutes to wow the object of your affections. For a sexy volumed wave try Salon Confidential’s Volume Curl Hair Extension.

Volume Curl Hair Extension

For a sexy hair up do try Salon Confidential Bouncy curl extensions

Step by Step Guide  

  1. Take your Salon Confidential Bouncy Curl extensions.
  2. Clip in 2 x 3 clip extensions at the mid section of the back of your head, in between the crown area and the neck, making sure there is enough natural hair left out to cover the clips for when you pull your hair up into a pony tail.
  3. Clip in 1 x 2 clip extension on the left side of your head (level with your eyebrow) and do the same on the right.
  4. Pull all the hair, including your own hair, into a ponytail and place high on the top of the head.
  5. This will leave you with a mass of long curly hair on the top. Start gripping hair randomly in different directions and create a dishevelled sexy carefree top section.
  6. If your natural hair is not long enough then pull up and spray well with hairspray to hold in place.

With towering hairstyles completely on-trend this Spring/Summer and with 12 international hair colours to choose from it’s a look anyone can create with a set of these great value extensions for just £45. So make sure you show some hair extended love this valentines, you never know it may lead to a day you’ll never forget… Happy Valentines everyone!!!

17th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren