The smartphone that’s as active as you are

When you think of leading-edge mobile gadgets, a company t is better known for trainers and T-shirts probably doesn’t come to mind as your first port of call.

However, Puma is trying to change that way of thinking. Believing that an active social life needs to be viewed in the same way as a active lifestyle, the Puma Phone M1 has been designed to keep your social life in one place, without letting you down when you need it most.

Of course, you start out with the sort of features that we have come to take as “given” when it comes to modern smartphones. We’ve got 3G internet and a fully functional web brower, there’s links to all of your social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr, an MP3 player and a camera that can deal with both photo and video.

But from there on, the Puma phone starts to get interesting, with features that you don’t tend to find on even the very leading smartphones.

For example, take a look at the Puma phones GPS capabilities. Now, we know that plenty of other phones have GPS functions but how many of them will track your progress as you run, hike, ski or ride your bike – without the need for third party apps?

Sports Tracker is Puma’s new app to help you keep up to date with your active lifestyle. By tracking your every move and logging it to the Sports Tracker database, you can monitor your fitness plan and modify your programme whenever you like.

The Puma Phone also offers pedestrian GPS mapping and a 3D yachting compass to make sure that you never get lost again.

Other features include a “sarcastic calculator” and a “scratching turntable”, whilst Puma also says that the phone supports “easy peasy video calls” through the front facing camera.

It’s other things though that really makes the Puma Phone stand out from the crowd. For example, the phone has a rather small 880mAh battery, but don’t think that the battery will let you down.

That’s because the Puma phone comes with solar panels, meaning that you can charge the phone in sunlight. Puma is so proud of the technology that the phone will even boast about how many messages you have been able to send with the power of the sun.

The Puma phone, which is also available SIM free, looks like it could be a surprise hit in 2011 – it certainly has the features and clever ideas to deserve it.

20th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren