Nothing unites women more than their love of things that men just done understand, how many men got ribbed when they tried the cross over into “man bags”? Most just fail to grasp what makes a bag special to us.

To the male majority a bag is simply something you use to carry something from one place to another; it’s a rare man indeed who appreciates a bag in the same way as women do.

If you love bags as much as I do then you will understand where I’m coming from, to me a bag isn’t simply just a bag- it’s an addition to your family-wardrobe family that is! 

When I select a bag I choose carefully, I don’t mind paying that bit extra if it fulfils all my criteria, sometimes though the bag I go to choose ends up being something entirely different, why? Simply- it’s “the one”.

Although I may have initially being looking for a larger sturdy bag that I can use for shopping , how can I fail to notice that pink little handbag with its so sweet handle  or that slightly ugly but oh so 70’s vintage appeal- before I know it I’ve got that bag in my hand.

THE ONE                              


Now here is where it gets weird for men- this is when they start to shuffle in the aisles looking uncomfortable and pull those have you lost your mind faces.

What do we do?

First we touch the bag –gently stroking we feel for texture, is it perhaps a smooth patent clutch that feels cool to the touch or a more tactile fabric such as boucle perhaps?


Fiorelli Black

Next we open the bag –the interior is the practical part, checking for phone pockets, how many compartments etc, does it fulfil the purpose we ask ourselves.



Now comes the bit that men generally want to hide from, male readers you have been warned!

We then try the bag on, if it’s a shoulder bag it gets even more bizarre as we pivot and turn in a mirror trying to catch every angle, questioning- does this bag make me look slimmer? Does it have the celebrity factor & does it settle naturally under my arm and make me look gorgeous without looking like I’ve tried too hard?  You know you do it too!


Tabitha Limited Edition Studded Stardust Bag

Next I then progress to the smell test- although I may have initially had a quick sniff as I checked inside I still need to have that long inhale to savour that unique fragrance of leather. Ladies you know what I’m talking about!


Modalu Fringe Leather Bag

It’s only now that I consider –can I afford it? If the price is slightly higher than I want to pay I may repeat the process before making my purchase-thus convincing myself I really must have this bag!

Meanwhile the man of our life has got lost in the – you guessed it – Electrical section! Yes men have unexplainable habits too!

25th January 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Hazel 29 January 2011

Jo, this is brilliant! I chuckled at every point, knowing that I do all of these things too. I’m trying to decide between the Mischa Barton dcotors bag or the limited edition Tabitha… but then, there is always room for one more bag in my family… wardrobe family that is ;o)