Crafty Celebrity Knit Wits

With celebs like SJP, Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts catching the bug for knitting and loads more celebs showing their talent for embellishing and customising their own designs, making your own style accessories has never been cooler.

So we’re really excited to tell you that has now started stocking loads of crafty products including knitting needles and yarn in some very funky colours. You’ll be outdoing Ms. Ansiton and co. in no time!

If you’re a knitting newbie, don’t be scared, it’s super easy to get started and Very has some books on knitting to get you going, with step by step instructions on how to create different items such as scarves and embellishments to add to your wardrobe.

TREND ALERT: This season get creative by adding knitted flowers and embellishments  to shoes to really stand out from the crowd. And when you get really creative, you can show off your handmade treasures that no-one else will have – bliss!

22nd February 2011
Written by Very_Lauren