Peel On, Peel Off Rebel Nails

I was intrigued by these Rebel Nails Peel On, Peel Off Stickers. They promised  ‘Glamorous Nails in Five Minutes’ so I ordered the chrome for toes to put this claim to the test.

Application was relatively easy;

1. Clean your nails with a sweep of nail polish remover
2. select the right size for your nail
3. peel off the sticker
4. heat the sticker until it curls
5. apply to your nail smoothing out from the centre to the edges
6. file off the excess at a 45˚ angle.

They came with a square edge and a rounded edge so you can select the best fit. The end result? My toes looked fab! I was really please how they looked, which was smooth and neat. I loved the mirror-like shine and wore bare feet around the house to show them off. I had twinkle toes!

Although I found them easy to apply on my toe nails, I had to wonder how easy they would be to apply to my finger nails, especially on my non dominant hand.

They lasted three days before one of the big toe nail stickers cracked and begun to flake off, but I think this is largely to do with wearing socks and shoes. Summer time sandals may very well prolong the life of the stickers.

The remaining stickers were really easy to peel off and left no residue. I was just left with the feeling that I had rather boring toes! These chrome nails would look fabulous with peep toe shoes or sandals and they have many colours and styles to choose from, mirror shine chrome or gold, glittered or animal print – choice is yours.

Rebel Nails for Fingers
Rebel Nails for Toes

Starting at £6.00for a set they are perfect for an evening out or special occasion.

Do you think you’ll try them? Which would you choose?

18th February 2011
Written by Very_Lauren