Styling Your Home

With a house move imminent I can’t help but wonder how my new home will look. Will it be retro? modern? minimal (unlikely with my penchant for bits and pieces!) classic or a subtle mixture of two? Should I go bright and breezy or stick with neutral tones? The possibilities really are endless…

I’ve taken a sofa, lamp table and TV cabinet and by adding different colour palettes and accessories I’ve created a number of possible looks.

Cream and Gold
Adding cream and gold to this dark leather sofa adds a real luxurious feeling, whilst still being calming and light.

Retro Colour
This is possibly my favourite look. The cushions have a very strong Orla Kiery design influence and by echoing the colours in these gorgeous table lamps and throw and adding a retro wall clock and mirror the overall effect is welcoming and cheerful.

A Mixture of Textures
The neutral tones here are distiguished by their textures. The mixture of leather, linen and the subtle shimmer of raw silk teamed with wool, wood and metal, give a soft homely feel. The big statement wall print adds warm tones and a splash of colour.

Bold Statements
This poster is a very bold element in this room echoed by the stong shapes in the table and floor lamps, whilst the poppy rug adds a softer, feminine element to the room. But by simply swapping the rug for one with bold stripes you can easily achieve a more masculine lookHow would you describe your home style?

7th February 2011
Written by Very_Lauren