On Valentines Day we all want to feel just a bit special at least in the Love department. When you are a mom of five like me, I think it becomes even more important as it’s a day not only when you can be share your love with your oh but you also get to feel like a woman again and not just a mom!

Well as you can imagine finding a willing babysitter is hard for me so I have to plan an escape instead and the only place the children know is out of bounds is the bedroom so that’s where I plan my Valentines escape.

Setting the stage

First up is creating the right setting. Most men are terrified of frilly things in the bedroom-unless you are wearing them of course.  Valentines gives me a great excuse to dress up the bed a little though, with cushions and throws, texture is the key for me and most men appreciate the feel of silk against their skin- it’s just the macho image that stops them admitting it, silly creatures that they are!

This range by Coleen has romance stamped all over it but if you want to go for a less feminine set then why not try this silver and black set by Caprice. It’s sure to keep your man feeling like he’s not got lost in wonderland whilst the sequins and frills keep you happy too.

Centre stage

Setting the stage with a few extra props can really help set the mood, nothing is more seductive than soft lighting- this lattice set gives an exotic effect, or why not give your chap a gift of love at the same time with this personalised candle.

Next what could be better than champagne and chocolates, snuggled up in bed surrounded by the fragrant smell of fresh roses?  I always like to perfume my sheets too with a blast of my favourite perfume too for extra sensory seduction.

The final Act

Finally it’s time to slip into something more appropriate, I personally prefer satin layers that can be peeled off slowly as things heat up but this choice is really up to you. Why not go for a change and try a touch of feather trim or try this figure fitting lace Basque by Sorbet Boutique to make his eyes pop?

Next up we snuggle up to my hubbies’ favourite movie “You Dont Mess With The Zohan

For us laughter is a true aphrodisiac and after our movie, champagne and chocolates it’s time to blow out that candle but definitely not the flame of our love.

9th February 2011
Written by Very_Lauren