Follow in the footsteps of England’s Ashes heroes

Even though the temperatures still seem to be dropping, you’ll forgive us for constantly talking about how the summer is on its way. After all, we are really looking forward to the warmer weather, lighter nights and all of the other things that make the British summer great.

One of those things is the return of the cricket season and if you have been inspired by the exploits of Strauss, Swann, Pietersen, Bell and co in this year’s Ashes, you might have fancied dusting of your whites and hitting the village green this summer.

Of course, cricket isn’t one of those sports where you can simply throw on some shorts and a T-shirt and start playing. It does require a fair bit of equipment that, whilst it might be provided by your local cricket club, is very handy to have if you want to try and make it into the next Ashes squad in the summer of 2012!

You can go for a complete, all in one cricket set, which includes everything that you need to get underway with an impromptu game on the local park, but if you are a little bit more serious, we have run through the essential kit that you need (minus the box) to make sure that you are fully prepared for that first over.

The Bat:

Made from willow, the cricket bat is what keeps those runs pilling up and the wickets intact. Some professional batsmen tend to have their own preferences when it comes to bats (although sponsorship obviously plays a part in that), there are some differences between the bats that you might see in the shops. Typically, the better quality bats will be more lightweight but at the same time, they will be stronger and thicker in the key power areas, such as the supporting ridge and the edges.

The Padding:

Padding is important when you have a ball of cork and leather hurtling towards you. The most obvious form of padding are the leg pads, which are designed to cover all of the leg from the foot to just above the knee – effectively what is protecting the stumps. Batting gloves are also important to protect those hands and fingers.

The Helmet:

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment that you will use is the cricket helmet. With a rigid outer shell, high tensile steel adjustable face guard and breathable lining material for that long innings at the crease, this is one part of your kit bag that you really don’t want to forget.

The bag to keep it all in:

And speaking of kit bags, you’re going to need one to keep all of this equipment together. This Gunn & Moore Original Wheelie Bag will make it easy to carry your equipment from game to game.

9th March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren