It’s never too early to start faking it…


The new faux glow!

So summer is nearly here, and it’s time to banish those tights to the back of the wardrobe, bring out your spring sandals, and prepare to expose some skin ! There is nothing better than having a nice, healthy golden glow, and you don’t have to escape on a two week holiday (or to your local tanning salon) to get the look!

 To get the perfect tan, you need to begin with getting your skin in shape.  Hair removal is essential ! Whether you choose to shave,  wax or epilate being fuzz free is a good place to start!

The key to a streak free, even tan is to make sure your skin is super smooth and moisturised. Begin by using a top to toe body scrub to remove any dry, or flaky skin. Our favourite is Juicy Couture’s Sugar Scrub, it smells delicious and its sugar particles really help to buff the skin, revealing a smoother you ! A cheaper alternative is Love Label’s Body Scrub, which does exactly the same job for a fraction of the price.

After a thorough cleanse and scrub, a good quality body moisturiser will help to seal in moisture into your skin, giving it the best base to start your tanning process. We would recommend Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour Body Treatment. For extra dry bits like elbows, knees and ankles, the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is great for extra moisturisation, and to avoid tan looking organgy or cracked. It’s important to pay close attention to your feet, as it’s easy to forget about them!

We love Burt’s Bee’s Coconut Foot cream, it smells just like summer holidays! Vita Liberata have a great Body Preparation package , which includes a body polish, body lotion and a body prep mist.

Make sure you leave enough time for the moisturiser to absorb completely, otherwise you run the risk of diluting your fake tan!

Once you are all moisturised, you are ready to tan! It’s always best to apply with a mitt or gloves to ensure a streak free, even application. Most of the Fake Bake range come with gloves included. Think what type of tan is best for you, gradual tanning that you apply on daily basis that gives a light, natural glow, instant tan that is great when you have a last minute night out and can be washed off, or a developing tan. Don’t forget your face ! There are specific face tanner available here on that give a nice natural tan to the facial area. Vita Liberata have a Face tanner , that can be used on a daily basis as a regular moisturiser that develops a sunkissed glow. For extra sparkle or definition, use a bronzer to complete the look. Fake Bake have got a fab bronzer called Bronzy Babe, that can be used on the face, neck or shoulders for a truly bronzed goddess look!

 There are some great options available if you want to just buy a kit with everything in. Fake bake and Vita Liberata do a range of kits with a body polish, moisturiser and self tanner in, either the original lotion, mousse or extreme tan– we would recommend this option for the height of summer when a deep bronze tan will not look out of place!

23rd March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren