Mother’s Day with the “Aaah” factor!

If there is one thing that has become something of an icon in the gifts world in recent years, it’s the Tatty Teddy.

Since the launch of Me to You in 1995, Tatty Teddy’s timeless illustrations have been popular with young and old alike, communicating warmth and happiness, and touching people’s lives all over the globe, in all situations.

The grey, scuffy bear that just wants to be loved has become one of the most sought after gifts for a huge range of occasions, be it birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or any other special day that you can think of.

And of course, with Mother’s Day just over a week away, the Tatty Teddy is once again looking to be loved and trying to warm the hearts of Britain’s mothers.

The adorable bear, with his patched-up fur, is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who looks into its longing eyes as it carries a message of love, making it the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

There is a wide range of bears to choose from when it comes to the Tatty Ted, all carrying their own little message and loving expression.

If, for example, you simply want to spell out what you want to say on Mother’s Day, take a look at the Me to You “Mum” Letters Bear. Standing 24cms tall, this bear will shyly hold padded letters to spell out the word “Mum”, leaving people in no doubt as to who is the centre of attention on Sunday April 3rd.

Perhaps you are planning on making breakfast in bed for your mother on Mothering Sunday? If so, then this special edition Me to You Bear will give off the perfect message: “You go back to bed mum while we bring your cornflakes and coffee!”

But sometimes, it is always best to say it with flowers, which is exactly what this Me to You Bear with Flower does so brilliantly. You can celebrate Mother’s Day and spring all in one gift with this delightful Tatty Teddy!

With the popularity of these bears soaring, make sure that you order now to avoid disappointment!

23rd March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren