Samsung’s latest MP3 players hit the market

Samsung’s designers have clearly been hard at work over the past few months as the company has launched its new range of MP3 players – and they look pretty funky to us!

Few of you will need me to explain what an MP3 player is these days. It is the must have gadget for music fans, public transport commuters, gym users and almost anyone who wants to carry huge amounts of music in a small, compact little gadget.

Of course, there is a certain computer manufacturer that has really stolen a march on the MP3 market. Apple have sold almost 300million iPods worldwide since the 1G hit the shelves in 2002 and nearly 90m iPhones have been sold since 2007.

But not everyone is that keen on gadgets with pictures of fruit on them. Despite its popularity, the iPod does have its critics and other manufacturers have been looking to capitalise on that.

Samsung is just one of those names and their latest range of music players have now hit the shelves, packing in nifty features into a cool design and a very competitive price tag.

We’ll start with the Samsung Q3, which is available with either an 8GB or 4GB hard drive, and is also available in black.

With a 2.2in colour LCD screen, this player lets you enjoy music, video, photos and radio stations, all in one 50gram gadget. Think of a format and the Q3 can handle it; MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC, MP4, JPEG are all compatible with this little gadget. You can even download programmes from the BBC iPlayer to watch later on the train ride to work! The player is also compatible with iTunes and the Samsung software is incredibly intuitive.

If you aren’t too concerned about having a video screen, the Samsung TicToc still offers a quirky design without the extra features.

With just three buttons on the device, you’re probably wondering just how you access the various features and functions that you expect from an MP3 player. Well, that is where Motion Control comes in.

Depending on which way you hold the player, the function behind the buttons changes. So, for example, if you are holding Tictoc upright and press the button the volume increases, if you hold Tictoc upside down and press the button the volume decreases. Hold Tictoc horizontally and press the button to skip tracks. Give it a firm shake to wake, one firm shake will activate the voice guide and three firm shakes will change the play mode between normal, shuffle, fast and slow. It really is that simple!

Finally, we’ll take a look at the Samsung U6 – the player that is perfect if you need to record meetings or university lectures thanks to 60hrs of recording space on the 4GB memory. Throw in the sort of features that you’d expect from a cool, sleek MP3 player and at £49, this looks like a great value gadget.

16th March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren