Time to ditch the expensive printer inks

Lately it seems that printing out documents has become something of a no-no. No matter what you are doing, it seems that there are signs that we probably shouldn’t be clicking ‘Print’ unless we absolutely have to. There is, of course, the environmental aspect and most of us have had emails with the “Do you really need to print this?” text at the bottom. Then there’s the big one – the cost.

The all-in-one printing solution

Printer ink is notoriously expensive no matter which brand of printer you have opted for. Depending on your printer, you could be shelling out as much as £52 on average every time you replace your black and colour inks at the same time. Based on printing just four pages per day, that could equate to an annual cost of £257 on replacement ink.

It was those numbers that led to the grown of the cartridge recycling and refilling markets, although printer manufacturers have started taking steps to reclaim some of the cash that they were losing against people reusing their cartridges instead of buying new ink.

Thankfully, Kodak has come along and tried to make printing less painful. You have probably seen the TV adverts for their ‘Print & Prosper’ campaign and the message is simple – cheaper ink costs and making sure that you get more printing for your money.

Kodak has committed to RRPs from just £7 for black ink and £13 for the “tri colour” cartridges, making a complete refill just £20 – cheaper than the cost of just one cartridge for some printers.

You could get an average of 670 pages from a £12 black cartridge

Other issues have been addressed two. Kodak has done away with the issue of cartridge compatibility and complicated lists of model numbers (some manufacturers have more than 60 different cartridges in their range). Instead, there are just three types of cartridges for that fit in every Kodak printer – the standard size black, the ‘XL’ size, which offers more ink and more printing for your money, and the colour cartridge.

So, you’re probably asking “where’s the catch?”. Perhaps the printers are much more expensive? Well, that’s not the case.

Kodak ESP C110 AIO Printer, an all-in-one printer that encompasses a printer, scanner and photocopier, comes in at just £69.

As well as becoming the focal point of your home office, the printer also comes with a media card reader, allowing you to download and print photos directly, with a 1.5in display screen helping you to see your pictures before you print them – without the need to turn on your PC.

With the ability to print 20 pages per minute in black or colour and copy five pages per minute, this printer is perfect for those looking to save both time and money.

2nd March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren