Cute Kylie Plans To Help Earthquake Victims

Making the most of a rare break in rehearsals, Kylie Minogue enjoyed the London sunshine and showed she has hardly aged in the past 20 years.

Despite a packed schedule, which is growing rather than decreasing, Kylie finds time to stay up to date with what’s in fashion.

And she has to flaunt every opportunity she gets to wear it, because she’s normally so busy that she’s dressing for work and what’s appropriate for touring and promotional interviews.

In fact, next week she’s visiting Japan to see Earthquake victims, which means she won’t be able to wear glam maxi dresses for a while. No wonder the chart-topper wanted to show off and give it an airing in London.

She’s playing gigs in Tokyo and Osaka – determined to bring some entertainment to a depressed nation.

Kylie is a lady you wuldn’t mess with once she makes up her mind, sticking to her guns in all areas of life. With her petite frame, a maxi dress may be a risky fashion choice but the Spinning Around singer proves you don’t need to have supermodel legs to pull off a floor-length look.

The key to ensuring that her petite frame is not swamped is all in the accessories.  The chunky black belt makes her waist look miniscule, small girls take note!

With the addition of retro sunglasses and sky-high platform shoes, Miss Minogue once again proves that she’s got off-duty dressing down to a tee.

This March the star celebrated her five-year all clear following her battle with breast cancer and hinted that marriage and children may be on the cards with her boyfriend, Andres Velencoso.

The gorgeous couple have been together for almost three years and Kylie demonstrated her deep feelings for the successful male model by kissing him on stage during the Barcelona Aphrodite tour date.

Let’s see what happens when she gets back from Japan!

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We Should Be So Lucky if we had as much energy as Kylie, but at least it’s easy enough to dress like her.

14th April 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin