Gardening with Children – The Easter Guide

Keeping children entertained for three weeks can be hard going especially when expensive days out may not be an option.

I know without the use of a car I struggle to get out as much as I would like so a lot of what we do has to be focused around the home.

This year I have chosen to revamp my garden so presently it stands stripped bare. The old broken outdoor toys have been removed apart from the essential trampoline which is a fail safe way for letting them wear off that excess energy!

Today though I was at a loss of what to do so ideas being cheap on the ground we decided to have a sunflower growing competition.

Tools needed



– Pebbles for drainage

– Sunflower Seeds (easily salvaged from pet food if available)

– A marker so each child knows there own plant (essential for stopping squabbles!)

I’m not much of a gardener so was very surprised at the huge excitement this caused amongst my children.  My 16 year old daughter actually stampeded past the little ones when I shouted my idea up the stairs! My 2 year old was already beating us in the competition by filling her pot with pebbles unprompted-showing she had already been watching me with my recent gardening attempts of potted plants.

Cutting up an old copy of the Very catalogue we all chose an appropriate picture for our flag-how did I guess Peppa Pig and Dora would be chosen by the two younger girls.

So seeds planted and potted they all came back in grubby fingered and filled with excitement as to whose plant will grow the biggest and I look forward to the summer ahead to see the results of their first gardening adventure!

It seems they are now all hooked -not content with a plant each they are now keen gardeners and wanting to grow something else!

These Mini Greenhouse kits look ideal for children to start off their own vegetable or herb garden and the mini greenhouse will come in handy for years to come.

When the plants are well established they can then be transferred into raised beds. These are a great idea for family gardens as children then learn to nurture and respect the special plant area of the garden yet they can still play freely in the garden without getting told off for walking on the plants.

I was even more surprised to see the hubby getting excited too over an olive tree, not one for the outdoors this brought back memories of abroad apparently and he has decided to nurture his own special plant too- it really does seem that the gardening bug has hit this home!

12th April 2011
Written by Very_Lauren