Hooray – Here Comes Summer!

Summer is on its way – the fact that my ankles are starting to make an appearance in turn-up jeans and the fact that I’m wearing scarves less and less tell me as much (although the odd day still requires a little neck warming). I am starting to dress ‘lighter’ and I love it, there is nothing better than being able to leave the house without a coat or jacket or wearing layer upon layer to keep warm.

The biggest indication that summer is approaching, for me, is the dusting off of my beloved flip flops and thoughts full of cute summer tops and floaty dresses.

My absolute favourites last year were my maxi dress and sequin t-shirt, not only were these items cool and easy to wear but could be worn day and night too.

What are the items that emerge from your wardrobe to tell you summer has arrived?

13th April 2011
Written by Very_Lauren