Ladybird- Easter for Girls

Easter wouldn’t be Easter for mums without the joy of seeing their little girls all dressed up in all their finest dresses.

I Love Ladybird

It’s a lovely time for girls too. As a mum of 3 girls I still remember my 16 year old daughter Willow trying on her first Ladybird dress – watching the transformation from a toddler into a little girl testing out the “Twizzle” power of her new dress.

For moms of boys only twizzling is something girls just love to do-spinning around and watching their frock spin out in a perfect circle is something that seems to be instinctive and is probably the first step in becoming a frock aficionado in later life!

It was with a nostalgic smile that I watched my youngest daughter Honey trying on a dress the other day, normally very much a jeans and leggings girl I was surprised to see her volunteering to put a dress on. She then started the instinctive spinning and shouted look daddy I’m a Princess! – And in our eyes she really is!

Ladybird has such a lovely selection I often feel guilty for not buying more! From birth upwards there is something to fit even the tiniest princess and I’m sure you will agree they  all seem to be spectacularly amazing his year!

Easter For Babies

This Rosebud dress for instance doesn’t just have to be for special occasions such as a wedding or christening. It’s a sure head turner and will have family and friends cooing over your little girl as she trots her dainty toes all the way to Grandmas!

Spring Rose

This Tiered Maxi Dress by Ladybird really sums up what is Easter is about and would look lovely with a bonnet and white sandals. I love the floral print and sure most little girls would too!

Asking my 6 year old daughter Blossom which dress she liked in Very I wasn’t surprised when she picked out this Chambray dress, with its pretty trim detail and flounced hem I looks just perfect for twizzling all the way from spring into summer.

 In ages 2 up to 8 it also means I can get one for Honey too so no fights over who’s the most impressive princess- well I never said they were Angels!

6th April 2011
Written by Very_Lauren