The Fashion Secrets Of Hollywood’s Amanda Seyfried


Hollywood star Amanda Seyfriend made her name in Mean Girls, then played the lead in Mama Mia but her next role is her most exciting to date.

The stunning blonde actress is playing the lead in Red Riding Hood. But the reason why it’s so interesting is because it’s a dark, gothic twist on the fairytale.

Amanda manages to swing between nasty in Mean Girls, nice in Mama Mia, and vamp in Red Riding Hood. But what is her style like when she’s not working?

As she arrived in London for the film’s UK premiere with her on-off boyfriend Ryan Phillipe she looked exquisite in a pair of lacy shorts and heels – not afraid to show off her pale skin.

But find out more about her outfit tastes in our exclusive fashion interview below:

QS: What do you wear when you’re not on-screen?

AMANDA: “I keep it simple with leggings or sweatpants. I wear this normally every day.”

QS: What about your top half?

AMANDA: “A white t-shirt or a plain t-shirt. Again, normally every single day.”

QS: Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

AMANDA: “The girls from Mama Mia all have matching tattoos that say mine on our feet. It’s on my left instep. We all call each other mine and it’s spread like poison.I’m not a tattoo person, but I felt that it would make me laugh for the rest of my life when I looked at my foot through sandals and saw that. Why not? Life is short.”

QS: Do you have any guilty secrets when it comes to fashion?

AMANDA: “I like wearing hats and I’ve started knitting them. I’m on a hat frenzy. I’m on my eighth and I love it.”

QS: Do you ever get influenced by what your characters wear in the movies?

“I wish I got to keep the cape I wore in Red Riding Hood, but it belonged to the wardrobe department. I do want to buy one now!”

In the meantime, it seems Amanda has found her style. For her night out in London she did wore one of her favourite white t-shirts but there are ways of making this wardrobe basic more exciting. For example, the  Savoir floral applique t-shirt from Very has a cute floral design all over

Or try the Savoir satin trim t-shirt for a hint of shine and shimmer

If you’re going for a simple top then you can afford to show off your legs. The A-wear lace shorts are just as vamp as Amanda’s latest character in Red Riding Hood

But if you’re wearing this outfit in England then you need something to keep you warm when you arrive or leave an event. The Savoir tipped jacket is perfect for this as it’s lightweight but still lovely with fabric detail around the buttons

Finish with some fab shoes that can make your legs look longer and complement the rest of your outfit. The new Poetic License envy me shoe bootare embellished with flowers, just like the Savoir t-shirt from before

It’s refreshing to see that some Hollywood stars are low-maintenance when it comes to off duty dressing. It’s so easy to look as stunning as Amanda! Let’s hope she keeps it this way.

12th April 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin