Very’s Top Five Scents for Summer

One thing I delight in more than anything is perfume. No matter my mood of if I’m feeling under the weather I never go out without a liberal splash of perfume. Christmas bought me four new bottles of fragrance to add to my collection and have kept me feeling warm and cosy over winter.

Summer however needs a different kind of scent than our winter favourites and I love nothing more than the feeling of sun on my skin and the warmth it brings as it uplifts my mood.

It’s no secret that perfume brings the same effect in uplifting our spirits so it’s with great excitement that I bring to you the newest summer scents on the market.

Which one will you choose as your summer favourite?

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir

When I read the word Noir in a fragrance it usually conjures up a deeply heady jasmine scent such as Bvlgari Jasmin Noir or Versace Crystal Noir which has the ultimate combination of Jasmine and coconut and takes you to away to distant shores.

Sexy little secrets isn’t Noir in the traditional sense but putting that aside this is a scent that is worthy of a place in your fragrance collection.

This Fruity Floral is anything but cheap however and surprises you with its joyous opening burst of red berries and pineapple – yes my beloved Jasmine prevails in the middle notes but it is subtle- not screaming for once and is barely detectable amongst the orchid and blackberry.

The base notes of Tonka bean, Amber and musk are notable after a while- Yes this is Noir but definitely newer and less in your face than some of its competitors. This isn’t a bad thing though- it’s definitely a day to night fragrance and the fruity overtones mingled with the vanilla and musk undertones will get you ordering this scent over and over again.

Verdict-Sexy but never Sleazy, cheerful but never cheap this is a Fruity Floral for real woman.

Age Group- 20 plus

Beyonce Heat Rush

Following on from the huge success of its for-bearer Heat I was a tad reluctant to like this scent, why I hear you all shouting? Well… despite its phenomenal selling power rush never quite delivered for me, I found the overall scent sickly and it just didn’t deliver the “heat” it promised.

Heat Rush HOWEVER is a whole new ball game, lighter than the original and oozing with tropical delights this perfume is summer bottled in a jar and already promises to be a bigger seller than the original. The opening notes of blood orange and cherries are tantalizingly sweet and the heady middle notes of mango blossom and Hibiscus promise many summer nights of fun.

Verdict-The one to take on holiday, this tropical fragrance will contain memories of holiday romance for years to come.

Age Group Teenager +

Boss Orange Sunset

This newer improved version promises to deliver a creamier and more refined scent. Does it deliver though-yes it does!

I must admit when I sampled the original i was a bit surprised by the overall effect of smelling like an orange. Yes I love to eat oranges but to smell like one is a bit odd for me. It wasn’t that it smelt bad- it was just it smelt like well-oranges! And that was it, flat out orange with no other notes coming through. This one however takes you to a different level and offers just that little bit more, yes it’s still got that delicious in your face feel good orange scent but the vanilla and sandalwood  undertones add that little extra warmth and take this scent to a deeper level.

Verdict-Fruity and fun its pure sunshine in a bottle. Wear on cloudy days to keep that summer feeling all day long.

Age Group Teenager +

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

This fruity floral is one of those scents that whispers rather than shouts upon application. And that’s certainly not a negative. Ideal for that fresh out of the shower feeling, this is definitely an unashamedly feminine fragrance and reminds you of country summer meadows rather than tropical shores. English to its core and not a Margarita in site-this is definitely the Pimms of the collection. Youthful & refreshing – A breath of fresh air.

Verdict- As tender as a first romance, It is ideal for everyday wear or for younger girls taking their first adventure into finding their signature scent.

Age Group -Teenager +

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

If you were to judge on notes alone you may be forgiven for thinking this perfume to be slightly more exotic what it actually is! Mimosa, jasmine and gardenia hint of sultry nights and the fig base note may bring to mind the controversial Womanity by Thierry Mugler– a figgish fish fest of unequalled proportions!

I admit the fig did bring warning lights flashing to my mind but fear not- neither heady nor cloyingly sickly this perfume is a massive delight and promises to be a huge success especially amongst Ck fans. This refined floral is sure to please and is ideal for those who detest the more typical sun-cream scent of other summer scents.

Verdict- Like a summer wedding- a delight for all.

Age Group 25 +

26th April 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Joanne - Customer Guest Blogger 7 June 2011

it is a lovely bottle isnt it! I used to have one of those Kidney dressers with a glass top and little curtains but got rid of it when i moved- shame as could do with it now with all my bottles and potions!Im glad to report that Very is now stocking my favourite Versace Crystal Noir…well of course i couldnt NOT buy a bottle could I? it would be rude not too hehe xx

Posted by: Hazel 26 April 2011

Jo, you had me at Noir… it’s going on my wish list right now! Not only does it sounds divine the bottle is osmething special too – it reminds me of the perfume bottles my Mother used to have on her dressing table, and as I am soon to be the3 proud owner of my very first dressing table, I think this should be one it x