Which Curl is Right For You?

With the sunshine on our doorstep and no cold weather to frizz up our manes we all want amazing hair this summer.

Whilst a few years back we were literally ironing our hair to make it as flat and as sleek as possible the table has well and truly turned as curls are back and bigger and better than ever!

With all of the styling tools available and soooo many celebrities’ hairstyles to copy there are so many ways to create a curl and so many curls to choose from!

So which is for you? Do you want the relaxed ‘just off the beach’ curl, big, voluminous curls or do you simply just want curly curls?

With Babyliss’s great selection of styling tools, here’s a tool or 2 to help you create that perfect look…

Just Off the Beach Curls

If you’re jealous when you see anyone that has long natural tousled hair like Miss Kate Hudson you’ll be thrilled to know that now there is a quick and easy way to get it!

The Babyliss L Waves Stylercreates gorgeous, long lasting waves that make you look like you’ve just stepped off the beach! By simply pressing the hair between the ceramic plate and barrels you’ll create long lasting beachy waves in about 5 minutes!

To use you have to divide your hair into sections, take a section of hair about midway down and place it between the top barrels and bottom plate of the tool. Hold it in place for 5-8 seconds and then release and gently slide down to the next straight part of your hair. Repeat all over hair and if you want a softer, natural look just run fingers through the hair to break up the waves. Quick and easy, amazing!

Volumed Bouncy Curls

She’s the nation’s sweetheart and we love her but admittedly every time we see her in the press we secretly get jealous of her incredible voluminous curls! If like me you’ve tried to create volume in your hair but are left looking a bit flat and lifeless Babyliss have 2 amazing tools to give you the volume and the curls that you dream of!

Firstly to create the volume use The Root Boost…Inspired by hairdressers and loved by style goddesses, Root Boost is the must-have tool for creating long-lasting lift and volume. By adding texture to the underneath layers of your hair it will add instant fullness to any style. It has slim ceramic micro crimp plates to give you the volume of back combing without the frizz (which we love) and the volume really lasts!

To use you have to section away the top layer of your hair, then with the hair that is left down place a section between the slim micro crimp plates close to your roots. Hold this firmly for about 5-8 seconds and then release it. Continue this all around your head and you will have instant volume to the roots. Let your hair back down and you will have a lovely volumed bouffe!

To finish the look and to create some big loose curls use Babyliss Curling Wand

This sassy styler is simply brilliant, it helps to create free-flowing curls with a silky, shiny and sexy finish. There’s no clamp to fiddle with you just have to wrap your hair around the barrel for a few seconds and voila! Beautiful, modern curls will be yours without any annoying kinks.

Curly Curls

Ok so we’ll never look like the beautiful Beyonce but if you want curly hair like she has I have just the trick!

 Babyliss Thermo- Ceramic Rollers

Heated rollers have always been the hairdresser’s favourite for achieving curls, waves and volume and now you can achieve it at home! This styling kit contains 20 high heat ceramic-flocked rollers for fast curl formation and a gorgeous shiny finish.

For the tightest curls and the best results leave the rollers in the hair for as long as possible (until they are fully cool) to set the curls.


Once you have removed the rollers, run your fingers through your hair to style the curls. Use the smaller rollers for tighter curl and the larger rollers for bigger curls, soft body and movement.  To add volume at the root by using three or four large rollers at the crown of the hair.

Lush, glamorous waves and curls are a great look for evening and special occasions. Heated rollers set right from the root will give a glamorous Hollywood look just like Beyonces, you may not get on the red carpet but you’re sure to get you red carpet treatment.

So whether you want a loose curl, a volume curl or a tight curl Very has a tool for everyone, check out our summer stylers today!

9th May 2011
Written by Very_Lauren