An Aquarium with a Modern Twist!

After coming home from a busy day at the office, we sometimes just want to put our feet up, gaze into space and do nothing for a few moments. With the constant ringing of telephones, the stress of deadlines and the panic that a major project might not be coming together, there’s better than coming home to some peace and tranquility. At least, that’s what we hope to come home to!

Home aquariums have seen a surge in sales for people looking to achieve exactly that in their home. Not only do fish make great pets, given that they’re very easy to look after, but watching fish can also be extremely therapeutic.

And aquariums have come a long way from the unsightly “glass boxes” that many people remember, with some fantastic designs now available to suit the modern home.

Take, for example, the range of Biorb Life aquariums, which feature fantastic modern designs, modern filtration systems and some clever lighting tricks.

One of the best sellers at the moment here at Very is the 60 litre BiOrb Life Portrait Aquarium, which is a clever and modern twist on the humble fish tank.

Made from 6mm acrylic and boasting a clear flat front and rear panel glued to a coloured gloss acrylic wrap, the tanks sit upon an 8mm clear acrylic base.

Access to the inside of these new aquariums is via a circular port in the top into which the recessed lighting unit sits. This unit uses LED lighting to provide some stunning sunrise, sunlight, sunset and moonlight effects, mirroring the natural daylight outside.

The aquarium also uses the filtration system that anybody who is familiar with biOrb aquariums will have come across before.

Of course, some people still prefer the classic ‘globe’ shaped fish bowl but even that has enjoyed a 21st century face lift.

The BiOrb Bowl with Halogen Light combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a ‘hi-tech’ aquarium.

The stylish globe shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location, be it your own living room or even an office reception area, and its strong, safe construction will appeal to all age groups.

The globe is manufactured from Plexiglas acrylic and because of its larger water capacity; the bowl provides fish with approximately ten times more space than a traditional bowl.

The bowl also features a filter design that utilises a unique systemised five-stage method combining biological mechanical and chemical filtration, reducing maintenance whilst helping the water remain healthy and crystal clear for up to 8 weeks between simple filter cartridge changes.

29th June 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: MathewL 26 August 2011

aww! I just love that! thanks for sharing!