Get toned Up – Simply by Walking!

In these health conscious times, any opportunity to get us toning up or losing weight is being looked at with a microscope by researchers and product developers around the world.

Whilst it has long been established that walking is one of the most effective ways of keeping active and in shape, the way in which we walk has never been more closely studied, thanks in no small part to the growth in ‘toning’ footwear.

Whilst, on the face of it, toning footwear may look like the sort of shoes, trainers or flip-flops that you may already have in your wardrobe, the science that has gone into their design makes them very different. On some, you might notice a raised heal or sole around the bridge of the shoe, which is all to do with changing the way that you walk.

Toning shoes are designed to give a workout to the muscles in your legs, thighs and lower back that, ordinarily, would not receive much of a work-out through walking even though those muscles are all moving and being used as you stroll around.

Sketchers is one brand that has embraced the concept of toning footwear with ‘Shape-Ups’ although, when you look at some of their styles, you would barely notice that their footwear contained some revolutionary design.

Take, for example, the Skechers Shape-ups XF-Energy Blast Shoes. At first glance, they look like a pair of great looking stone leather trainers – the sort that you probably walk around in every day. You certainly wouldn’t see how these trainers could help you to lose weight and tone your muscles.

The technology sounds simple enough. These Skechers Shape-ups have a fabric shoe lining and a cushioned insole, with a two part soft and firm density midsole that offers maximum fitness benefits, support and stability. The super soft foam midsole absorbs shock and provides an exercising effect, making them ideal for low intensity workouts and everyday wear.

You’ll also find the same technology in the Shape Up SRR Runner and the Skechers Shape-ups SRT Kinetix Response, which are designed for those people who enjoy injecting a little bit more pace into getting around on foot.

If you’re the sort of person that, instead of walking or running around day-to-day, prefers to stroll around on holiday, then you can still give yourself a good work-out.

These Skechers Jazzy Fresh Tone-ups are a quick and easy way to work out while you go about your day, be that going for a stroll along the piazzas or wandering around the pool. These sandals force your muscles to work harder, resulting in increased toning and calorie burn.

These Skechers Tone-ups, which have a smooth faux leather exterior and a colourful fabric upper, feature a cushioned and contoured foam footbed for extra comfort. The heel pad and toe ridge make this Skechers shoe a great everyday option, and the foam midsole acts as an effective shock absorber. The result is a sandal that tones your buttocks, legs and back.

So if you enjoy a long or even a short walk to help keep you fit and active, see how much of a difference Sketchers Shape-Ups could make to you as you go about your day, without you even realising!

7th June 2011
Written by Very_Lauren