The Maxi Dress Makeover

We all want to look stylish and I know I dream of a wardrobe full of new exciting dresses and lots and lots of shoes!

We don’t all have the money though to be splashing out on the latest fashions and styles and even when you do treat yourself that perfect dress you so craved suddenly seems a bit out of season by summer or autumn and it goes off to live its life at the back of the wardrobe along with other-high fashion buys.

That’s why it is important to take a realistic view sometimes before you buy, this doesn’t mean dressing in polyester & fleece for the rest of your days- I would be the first to say shoot me now if that was the only option!

The trick is to purchase a dress that can be accessorized up easily and that’s why one colour Maxi’s are such a delight to buy. You can instantly transform them with your favourite jewellery to transform your image into the latest trends and stay in style effortlessly for years to come.

Maxi Dresses are brilliant as they are so versatile! Dress them down with flip flops and beads for an easy to wear daytime look, or glam it up with heels and fine jewellery for a more sophisticated evening affair. They always look amazing on and the good news is they look amazing on all shapes and sizes! Everyone should have a maxi dress or two in their wardrobe!

This dress from Joe Browns is one I Love, Black provides a perfect backdrop for creating your favourite fashion trends, from up to date floral to Boho chic, the only limit is your imagination!

Here are four of my favourite looks to get you started.

ooh la la

With a nod to our super chic French cousins, monochrome looks fabulous in the office and gives you that certain Je ne sais pa- Non?

Worn with designer sunglasses this is celebrity style at its best.

Animal Instinct

Black and animal print always looks good together especially on a night out but lots of people tend to stay clear fearing it could be more Kat Slater than Cheryl Cole- teamed with a maxi dress though you can safely get the look just right, combining elegance with a subtle hint of sexiness rather than an in your face frontal blast!

Hot Summer Brights

The best thing about this dress is you can be as bold and adventurous as you like with colour and summer is the ideal season to be daring with your accessories, I just love this look! The kimono jacket is still a strong trend and ideal to wear with this dress, add some height and fun with these glorious strappy wedges and go bold with those bangles.

Verdict- A look that worn with confidence will have your friends envying your seemingly effortless ability to stay in style 24/7.

Holiday Bag

Holidays are all about letting your worries float away- reflect your bohemian spirit with this amazing floppy hat, detailed sandals and lots of bangles.  Ideal for strolling to the beach or a day’s sightseeing-whatever the occasion though you won’t be lost in the crowd in this outfit! Add shades and you are set for anything and still guaranteed to look on trend.

So now I’ve got you started why not tell me your favourite tips for styling up your maxi or post a picture on my Facebook wall Very_Joanne to show off your enviable style too!

28th June 2011
Written by Very_Lauren