How to Wear Maxi Dresses By Our V-Team Stylist Kirsty Drury

Ooooh I love, love, LOVE a Maxi Dress and so should you.  Every woman in the country must have one in their wardrobe.  Maxi dresses say summer is here and they are the perfect summer friend when you’re struggling to pull together an outfit.  Bluey-white barely seen the sun unshaven legs?  Put on your maxi dress!  Love handles peeking out from the gap between t-shirt and jeans?  Go for the maxi dress and worry no more!

The dress is incredibly flattering and it enables us to show off some of our greatest feminine assets, our arms……No, I mean our bazoombas of course and our shoulders and a lovely décolletage.  Halterneck maxi dresses are ideal as they hoist em up and with the high waistband they give as good a support as a bra.

The most petite of ladies can often struggle to find the right maxi dress as all that fabric can drown your lovely little frames.  Try this South Petite Stripe Jersey Maxi Dress. The slim column shape and downward stripes (very good, very rare) add to the illusion of a longer body and the dress also shows a bit of skin.

Got bingo wings? Get this one with upper arm drapery like this South Feather Print Maxi Dress.

Don’t think this is a look to put away once the summer is over, fashion is now embracing the maxi dress for winter too.  By day you’re gonna want to wear a pair of thick tights or even leggings underneath and top the look off with a leather jacket and biker boots.  If that’s too tough for you choose a cropped faux fur jacket and stack heeled boots. Very Seventies, very Jerry Hall at Studio 54.  Do avoid stiletto heels though as they can look too spindly.

All that fabric needs something weightier in footwear to balance it out.  The modern twist on a maxidress is to wear an a oversized knit on top. I wore an antique gold lurex oversized jumper over a dull gold sequined gown with flat tan boots on Gok’s Clothes Roadshow and The G said it was his favourite look all series. Glam boho. Try it!

I love seeing the maxi with a long cardigan and a cloche hat for a nod to the 1920s.  We all know horizontal stripes widen the load but this South Column Maxi Dress is so cool in that 90s Grunge way it’s worth the risk.

Hourglass and pear shapes will look amazing in this Halter Maxi Dress by Caprice as the ties pull in the waist and the halter neck accentuates the bazoombas.

This, Belted Maxi Dress by Elements/Amanda Wakeley is one for the tall, straight up and downer bodyshape and what a Wow dress it is.  It comes in two elegant colours.

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12th July 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Laura Holmes 9 June 2013

Hi. I’m loving the halter neck maxi the purple one. That says by caprice problem is when I click on the name I can’t find it at all on the website it sends me too. Help! I need that dress xxx

Posted by: anon ymous 12 July 2011

I’m really sorry I’ve never ever blogged b4.
What I want to know is how can I get round a perennial problem?
I haven’t got time to shop in the High Street.
I just about have a bit of time to look at your site and one or two others.
The pictures look fantastic.
But when I try them on – oh dear !
R u able to help?