Imitate Fergie’s Gorgeous Wireless Festival Embellished Dress

When the Black Eyed Peas headlined the Wireless Festival it was their stunning lead singer Fergie who topped the fashion bill wearing a statement embellished dress.

Move over Lady Gaga and Beyonce as Fergie showed she could grab a crowd with her outfit as well as the Black Eyed Peas’ hit tunes like I Gotta Feeling.

Even if you were towards the back of the festival audience, you should have been able to see Fergie in this attention grabbing dress.

After the festival, Fergie and her band were congratulated by Prince Harry in the VIP area of the festival in Hyde Park. Typical Harry wanting to meet the most gorgeous star at an event!

Very exclusively got the star’s fashion tips for summer – read it all in our mini interview below:

QS: What have you bought recently?

FERGIE: “I buy shoes every week. Platforms are my favourite heels for the summer because they give you a long leg. I like to wear tall heels so when my husband, Josh, kisses me, I don’t have to stand on my tiptoes.”

QS: Talking of summer, do you have any tips about what a woman should pack for a summer holiday?

FERGIE: “I am addicted to kaftans because they’re so light you can take lots. I’ll even wear one when I’m flying somewhere exotic. I like getting into the mood of the place I’m going.”

QS: What’s your favourite sunglass style?

FERGIE: “Aviators. I have them in all styles like gold and silver. Besides being chic, they give a little more eye coverage from the sun.”

QS: Do you wear hats?

FERGIE: “Hair can get crazy at the beach, but a straw hat is a great way to keep it contained. I prefer a wide brim because it also keeps the rays off your face.”

QS: Any tips for the beach?

FERGIE: “Take a big colourful bag to store everything you need. It needs to be bright and exotic to get you in the holiday mood.”

Those are tips for the future but to get Fergie’s embellishment test the waters in a Forever Unique Winnie dress, which has a similar shape to the singer’s dress and a small bit of 3D sparkle round the waist. The biggest incentive for this dress, however, is it’s reduced by £110 from £189 to just £79 – bargain!

Or the Drama Queen ruffle flower detail dress is more attention grabbing – perfect for a special occasion

For embellishment all over check out the stunning South 3D tunic dress, embellished with tons of hearts. Guaranteed to raise anyone’s pulse when they look at you and get serious fashion envy

Finish the look with gorgeous gold in the style of the Black Eyed Peas diva and try the Teatro Texas strappy sandals from Very. They’re not to tall but just enough to lengthen your legs and make you feel more fabulous

Fergie’s gone from Boom Boom Pow to Boom Boom Wow with embellishment – 3D is the way forward!

5th July 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin