Its Official – Very’s gone Kitten Crazy!

With Britain being a nation of pet lovers its no surprise that many of us fall in love with cats. Independent yet loving too, I know that since getting our kittens we have had no end of fun watching their delightful and shameful antics.

(yes he really did get stuck in an airplane the first night we got him bringing the fire crew to our house at 6.00 am complete with flashing lights!)

If you are considering buying a new cat or kitten though then its worth investing in good quality items first to ensure your cat has everything it needs to ensure a harmonious settling into your family home.


This is a must if you want to keep your sofa and walls intact. Sadly I never realised this till too late and came back from my holiday to discover my beautiful leather corner sofa now had “suede sides” thanks to Georgia’s needle like kitten claws. The good news is since I bought one of these the sofa demolition has stopped but please don’t make the same mistake as me. At a bargain sale price of £8.00 this pad has brilliant reviews.


One of the common problems for cats associated with a dry food diet can be cystitis – using one of these water fountains ensures your pet has a constant supply of fresh water, ideal for owners who work too!


It’s recommended that you follow a tray per cat plus one rule if you live in a multi cat household. This is to stop the dreaded spraying that can occur when cats start a territorial war in your household. As delightful as cats can be, they don’t seem quite as lovely if they decide to use your bed as a toilet instead of a tray!

Georgia being a true girly will turn her nose up at a tray if it has been used once so I have to make sure it’s kept fresh daily.

These covered trays are ideal- cats love privacy so these provide your beloved purr-ball with the security they need with the added bonus of the lid keeping nasty odours at bay.

This corner tray is particularly discreet and ideal for putting in a bathroom or stair cupboard etc.  In a choice of 3 colours it’s also ideal for blending in with your colour scheme.


This product is raved about by cat experts- a pheromone based product that offers a natural solution to feline stress.

This product can be used safely for lots of cat related problems- an anxious clingy cat may feel more settled whilst aggression in a multi cat household may be reduced dramatically with the introduction of a plug in. Used in conjunction with the one tray plus one method – problematic behaviour such as territorial marking etc can be totally eliminated in some cases- A wonder product indeed!


A bored kitten is a recipe for disaster in any house, just like children cats of any age need stimulation to keep them and you happy!

There are lots of toys on the market for cats, from the high tech to simple pleasures but my personal number one is the cat tree.

Cat tree is essential, mimicking nature these provide an essential part of what a cat needs.

So what are the benefits?

1.       Scratching post area-essential for territorial marking and nail care.

2.       Height- cats feel secure in a higher environment, why else do you think they hide on top of your curtain poles, wardrobe etc. Providing them with their own area to play is a necessity.

3.       Attached toys- provides for the hunting instinct in your cat-its great fun too!

4.        Catnip- not all cats love this but most do! a natural cat “drug” that can either sedate or stimulate the older kitten. Harmless and great fun what cat can resist?


Ok I confess that after buying a smart deluxe bed with gold trim like royalty- Georgia and Mr Miyagi gave it the cold shoulder- preferring instead to sleep on the stairs, kitchen table, and under my daughters Peppa Pig bed!. They have however finally given it the paws up and can happily be found snuggled up together –aww!

This radiator bed is ideal for older cats in particular when warmth is a great source of comfort.

Cat Flaps

Once your kitten is vaccinated, micro chipped & neutered you may want to let them explore the great outdoors. It’s really worth investing in a good quality Cat flap as the cheaper ones can allow unwanted intruders to come through too. My poor mom had a visit from a stray cat that was so big that when he scarpered he took the cat flap with him! Far better to invest in one that reads your cat’s personal microchip and get it professionally fitted.


If you have a cat that needs daily  grooming like Miyagi then you do need to invest in a few quality products like the raved about  Furminator, they do make grooming a lot easier and it can instead become a fun time for you and your pet. Miyagi loves to fall asleep purring when I brush his fur-bliss.

Cat carrier

Finally if you haven’t already got one then take your time in choosing a good quality carrier.

You will be making many visits to the vets over an average cat’s lifespan so it’s sure to prove its worth over the years to come.

These rigid baskets are ideal. Don’t make the mistake I did and buy a designer “pet bag” unless you are absolutely sure it is safe. Georgia pushed open the zip with her nose and dangled from the lead- a mistake that could have cost her life. Now I have a basket and I’m totally sure she’s both comfortable and safe.

So now you have the essentials sorted its time to bring home your kitten and let the years of endless fun and cuddles begin!

Please feel free to ask any cat related advice or simply share your comical cat tales or pics!

MR Miyagi.

19th July 2011
Written by Very_Lauren