Jessie J Is A Bright Style Inspiration Despite Injury

Do It Like A Dude singer Jessie J dresses even better than she sings! There’s definitely nothing manly about this outfit, even though the whole look is rather fierce.

The super talented Brit award winning singer manages to combine rock star chic with a girly touch. The tight leggings with a cute embellished vest top is the perfect blend of femininity and high fashion. Even when she’s injured, Ms J looks a million dollars.

So what happened to the chart-toppers leg? She fell off stage during rehearsals for Capital Radio’s Summertime Ball and fractured her ankle in two places. OUCH!

Still, at least she didn’t do it during the live show – that would have been embarrassing.

And she managed to keep it together at Glastonbury, where she sat on a throne while performing on the other stage so she could rest her ankle.

At Glastonury, she revelaed she is making her second album exckusively sharing some details with is.

She said: “I write about life. So the next album will be about the life I’ve led in the last six months. I had seven years to write the first one and I’ve seen a lot of different things.”

Things change, but [it’s] just good music. I don’t want it to sound the same, I’d like to record an acoustic album.”

An acoustic album is brave but if anyone can pull it off it’s Jessie.

When you’re confident in what you wear and what you want to achieve it echoes throughout your whole being.

If you’re inspired by that, aim for a look like the pop star’s at Very starting with a bright jacket like the Ann Harvey Paris rose pattern cover up

Jessie wore an embellished top underneath so for a similar look try the A-wear sequin mesh top

Or for something more subtle try the South embellished neckline top

The South wet look leggings are totally rock-star and flatter your legs like skinny jeans do

Fabulous flats can occasionally make you stand out even more than heels – especially the new Nike gladiator sandals. These are so comfortable!

Finish with some statement earrings for the full pop star look like the stunning new French Connection swing drop earrings

Jessie shows that no matter what state your body is in, you can have fun with fashion. There are no excuses!

6th July 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin