See How Kate Moss Is Tamed By Married Life

Congratulations to Kate Moss who is now officially Kate Hince after marrying guitarist Jamie Hince.

It looks like settling down has improved her dress sense rather than made her look frumpy as when she was spotted running errands a few hours before saying “I Do’ she looked amazing. Let’s hope her sense of excitement lasts longer than the honeymoon.

Having a reliable man appears to have given Kate confidence to play it safe when it comes to clothes, rather than feeling the need to put on a show.

With a fabulous selection of well-cut basics, Kate looks a million dollars even though she was just wearing skinny jeans, boots, and a gorgeous mac. Here’s a full look:

And talking of millions, it sounds as if a fair few bob was spent on the model’s wedding, which lasted for three days!

Centred around Moss’s Cotswolds country home, The Gossip, Shirley Bassey, and the Rolling Stones made apperances.

For decorations, there was custom-made bunting with a motif of skulls, flowers, photos of her escapades, flowers and old newspaper headlines. Sounds…cheerful.  But in case guests got hungry there were her fave dishes from all over the world including Thai Green Curry and sausage rolls. Yes, real sausage rolls – retro!

Guests were also told to bring water pistols but that could have been for drinking games as we’re told there was enough vodka to sink a ship.

Kate’s now off on her honeymoon to recover, but she leaves her style legacy for us all to copy which can be achieved with Very.

Start with a mac like the classic belted Savoir short mac

Or if you want something slightly darker – just in case of kids / the Britishweather/ sausage rolls at a wedding reception the South classic mac coat is perfect

For a sophisticated maxi coat to last you into autumn and winter then a gorgeous option is the South utility maxi coat

With such a stylish but simple mac, keep the bottom half cool and casual in Lee Scarlett skinny jeans

Finish with Head Over Heels tutton button boots

And there’s a hat just like Kate’s at Very – a wide brim fedora – now just £20

Good luck to Mr and Mrs Hince!

18th July 2011
Written by Zoe Griffin