The £600 TOTAL Living Room Makeover

I love watching Makeover programmes on television but unless you won one yourself how else would you be able to afford some of the items they put in these shows!

If you are on a tight budget like me then you know that refurbishing a whole room doesn’t come cheap. My last sofa cost just under £2000. Yes it looked fabulous for a while till the kids and kittens took it upon themselves both to make it look more “lived in”.

I don’t want to make that mistake again so finding a sofa on a tight budget and still being able to decorate the whole room is something that has to be calculated carefully. This amazingly priced sofa is ideal for those on a budget and looks ultra stylish too. I have opted for brown but it also comes in purple and black if you prefer.

My advice is to stick to neutral colours and to accent with cushions and a few accessories, this is where the mantra “less is more” really works.

A simply piece of wall art on a plain wall really catches the eye and makes it stand out whilst a large cluttering of pictures tends to look very busy and distracting. I love this Buddha print, It adds a touch of serenity into your home, something we all need in today’s hectic world!

Keep curtainssimple too-this pair including tiebacks start at an amazingly low £8.00! You couldn’t even get a piece of net for that in the shops!

Don’t forget a pole too- I used a brown one to blend in with the furnishings .

This little display unit adds character to a room and can be personalised with your own little knick knacks and photos etc. It’s also great for storing magazines etc to keep your room clutter free!

A simple TV display unit in warm brown brings the whole room together and provides a practical touch too.

Obviously the unit is useless without a TV so I included this JMB Full HD Freeview Model into the £600 package. Impressed? You should be! The 22 inch screen is ideal for smaller lounges and the inbuilt freeview means a great saving compared to pricy TV packages elsewhere.

Flokati rugs are a favourite of mine as they can be washed in the machine and hung to dry in no time- they also feel so comfy underfoot, especially on colder days.

Take advantage of sales- this floor uplighter is modestly priced and will provide lovely soft lighting on the night. A steal buy!

Finally these Tea lights add an ornamental touch and bring the colours on the sofa cushions together – a great little set in green which is very popular right now and also works well with the brown and creams.

Grand Total £594.50

27th July 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mary Anne Jones 28 November 2011

Curtain color and style for your window can definitely break or make the look of a room. You can add life to your room by choosing warm shades. You’ll be in a relaxed mood when you see light seeping through the curtain.

Posted by: Florence Carole 19 August 2011

It’s not inexpensive to refurbish the whole living room. Our sofa cost less than half of that since we were lucky to find one in a yard sale. Love the wall art and the floor uplighter. Again, make sure you check your neighborhood for any upcoming yard sales.

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